Daily Lessons for Teaching Call Me by Your Name

André Aciman
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Lesson 1 (from Part 1)


The objective of this lesson is to examine the author's life and writing. Andre Aciman was born in Egypt, lived in Italy, and later came to the United States with his family. He is a professor as well as a writer.


Class Discussion: When did Aciman consider the idea of writing? When does Aciman say that he began writing? What did he write first? When did he begin to write prose? How do deadlines affect Aciman's writing process? What does nothingness have to do with his writing and the worlds he creates? What are the most difficult writing projects for him? Does writing experience make it easier to write? Why does his writing meander? How has writing poetry affected his other types of writing? Why does Aciman believe that new writers should begin writing with book reviews?

Activity: Divide the students into small groups. Have...

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