Call Me by Your Name Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

André Aciman
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Essay Topic 1

The novel is set in Italy and mostly takes place in a town referred to as B. and in Rome. What role does the setting play in creating an atmosphere in the novel? How does the setting influence mood?

Essay Topic 2

Elio has feelings for Oliver, but finds it difficult to communicate with him. How do Elio’s emotions affect his ability to communicate? How do his emotions get in the way of what he wants to share with Oliver?

Essay Topic 3

Elio has a false perception of who Oliver is. What is Elio’s perception of Oliver? How is that perception false? What is Oliver really like?

Essay Topic 4

Elio is intimate with Marzia. How would you describe the relationship between Elio and Marzia? Are they both equally invested in the relationship? What future does there seem to be in the relationship?

Essay Topic 5


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