Call Me by Your Name Character Descriptions

André Aciman
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Elio is a shy and quiet 17-year-old who spends his summers and holiday on the Italian Riviera, and who discovers that he is bisexual.


This character spends six-weeks staying with a professor and his family in Italy so he can work on a book he is writing. He becomes intimately involved with the professor’s 17-year-old son.


This character is a young woman whose family comes to B. She has a relationship with the son of a professor.


This character is a 10-year-old whose family summers in B. She is dying of cancer.


This character is a young woman who visits B., and who is suspected of having a relationship with a young man who is visiting while he writes a book.

Elio’s Father

This character is a professor. He hosts students for six-weeks at his villa in Italy to help them write...

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