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Patty Duke
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Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Port Bolivar, the place where "My Sweet Charlie" was filmed?

2. What caused Duke to curse at the Rosses for the first time ever?

3. What was found in Duke's closet in Port Bolivar?

4. What did Bob Banner, the producer of "My Sweet Charlie" tell Duke, confidentially, in Chapter 23?

5. What did the inside of Harry Falk's coffee cup say in Chapter 18?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why might Duke have been so uncomfortable with Joanna Barnes, Harry Falk's friend?

2. Why did Duke want to make the film, Me, Natalie?

3. How did Duke happen to fall in love with Harry Falk?

4. What caused Duke to suddenly take up smoking and swearing?

5. Why did Duke have so much trouble in her relationship with Desi Arnaz, Jr.?

6. While Astin and Duke were touring during summer stock in Chapter 30, what was one of the worst parts of it?

7. Why did Duke have people, especially her manager, so concerned about her after her acceptance of the Emmy Award for "My Sweet Charlie"?

8. According to Duke in Chapter 19, what is anorexia?

9. Why was Duke's so-called formal education an embarrassment to her?

10. How did Duke feel when she heard that John Ross had died?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Explore the theme of death throughout Duke's book. What evidence does Duke give that death is an important element throughout her life?

Essay Topic 2

When Duke left the Rosses to live alone and began to date Harry Falk, her behavior changed. In what ways did Duke behave when she was more or less on her own? Why did she behave in this fashion?

Essay Topic 3

Duke relays two instances when John Ross (and Ethel in one instance) attempted to molest her. Explain how these instances color her feelings towards the Rosses. Examine why Duke would continue to live with them and not reach out for help at the time.

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