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Patty Duke
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Duke's real name, that the Rosses wanted to change?
(a) Anna Marie.
(b) Maria Ann.
(c) Anne Marie.
(d) Patricia Ann.

2. Which summer stock play production did Duke fail to win a part in?
(a) Mary Poppins.
(b) Fiddler on the Roof.
(c) Pollyanna.
(d) The Bad Seed.

3. What writer did Duke have a crush on in Chapter 8?
(a) John Mortimer.
(b) Arthur Penn.
(c) Walter Miller.
(d) Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

4. Who did the Rosses hope to create a duplicate of, by way of Duke?
(a) Grace Kelly.
(b) Audrey Hepburn.
(c) Lana Turner.
(d) Marilyn Monroe.

5. In Chapter 12, what were the black woman's cats referred to as?
(a) Kitties.
(b) Meows.
(c) Choo-choos.
(d) Chirruns.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Duke do in Chapter 13 when John Ross made advances towards her in the hotel room?

2. What has Duke descended from a very long line of?

3. What is the title of the science fiction film that Duke was in from 1959?

4. Who was the principal earner in the Ross household?

5. What did Duke throw at Sid Sheinberg, president of MCA, in 1970?

Short Essay Questions

1. While onstage during The Miracle Worker in Chapter 9, what did actor Thorin Thatcher do when he forgot his lines?

2. How was it that, as detailed in Chapter 5, Duke was more afraid of the Rosses than she was of God?

3. What did the Rosses do for Duke if she even seemed to be getting sick?

4. Why would Shirley Bernstein get nervous when asking Duke four questions?

5. How did the Rosses ease The Miracle Worker's producers' fears that Duke would grow tall too quickly to fit into the role for long?

6. During the run of The Miracle Worker on Broadway, what one part of the temper tantrums in Act 2 did Duke find the most horrible to deal with?

7. How did John Ross make Duke prepare for The Miracle Worker audition?

8. How did Duke's mother use the city bus as a form of recreation?

9. Why did John Ross change his name from John Valentine Rossi?

10. Why was it that Duke was not able to see her close-up in the film, The Miracle Worker, when she made a good and bad girl face?

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