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Patty Duke
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Duke wish she could have done for John Astin's children?
(a) Paid for their college education.
(b) Been a better mother to them.
(c) Found them good jobs.
(d) Given them more material things.

2. Why did Duke marry Michael Tell?
(a) Perhaps because she was pregnant.
(b) To spite John Astin.
(c) She was in love.
(d) The man was wealthy.

3. Where is Port Bolivar, the place where "My Sweet Charlie" was filmed?
(a) Outside of Houston, Texas.
(b) In Spain.
(c) Louisiana.
(d) Near Galveston, Texas.

4. Where was Duke when she tried to commit suicide by taking about thirty sleeping pills?
(a) In the studio where she'd done The Patty Duke Show.
(b) In her apartment.
(c) In Westwood Psychiatric Hospital.
(d) On Fire Island.

5. What emotionally significant occurrence happened for Duke in the summer of 1963?
(a) Her father died.
(b) She attempted suicide.
(c) John Ross was in a hospital.
(d) Gramma Howe died.

6. Why did Duke have an urge to punch an old lady in Chapter 30?
(a) She spilled her tea on Duke.
(b) She did not recognize Duke and John Astin.
(c) The woman was eavesdropping.
(d) She sided with John Astin against ear-piercing.

7. What book was Harry Falk reading on Fire Island in Chapter 19?
(a) In Cold Blood.
(b) Catch-22.
(c) To Sir With Love.
(d) Gone With the Wind.

8. What board game did Michael Tell and Duke play at her apartment in the Sierra Towers?
(a) Monopoly.
(b) Twister.
(c) Scrabble.
(d) Stratego.

9. Who is Suzanne, in Chapter 29?
(a) John Astin's ex-wife.
(b) Duke's housekeeper.
(c) The family dog.
(d) Duke's new step-daughter.

10. Which television series did Harry Falk leave The Patty Duke Show to work on?
(a) The Mary Tyler Moore Show.
(b) Happy Days.
(c) The Untouchables.
(d) East Side, West Side.

11. What did Duke's managers, Irwin and Stich, do in Chapter 30?
(a) Let her pass the Writers Guild picket lines.
(b) Got her a role in a number one movie.
(c) Broke up her marriage to John Astin.
(d) Embezzled her money.

12. What was Duke drinking during a lunch break on the set of Me, Natalie that upset Fred Coe so much?
(a) Diet Coke.
(b) Wine.
(c) Tomato Juice.
(d) Beer.

13. What was Harry Falk convinced that Duke had done in Chapter 21?
(a) Had an affair.
(b) Quit her job.
(c) Spied on him.
(d) Sent herself flowers.

14. Why did Irwin try to convince Duke in Chapter 30 that John Astin was a problem in her life?
(a) Because Astin was a big problem for Duke.
(b) Irwin had a crush on Duke.
(c) Irwin was jealous that he did not have Astin's business, too.
(d) Astin was questioning Irwin's financial prowess.

15. What did Duke want to do with the Emmy she won in 1970?
(a) Give it back.
(b) Donate it to charity.
(c) Encase it in glass.
(d) Give it to Al Freeman, jr.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Duke discover about herself when she brought her mother into town to attend the Emmy Awards in Chapter 25?

2. What did Duke do for Gene Kirkland in Chapter 22?

3. What is one of the first things Duke did after marrying Harry Falk?

4. How old was Desi Arnaz, Jr. when Duke met him?

5. Where did Duke and Harry Falk go to honeymoon?

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