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Patty Duke
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 21-23.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Duke introduced her then-husband, John Astin, to Sir Laurence Olivier, why couldn't Olivier shake hands?
(a) He had arthritis.
(b) He feared germs.
(c) He had a broken arm.
(d) Astin disgusted him.

2. For which play did rehearsals begin in August of 1959?
(a) The Bad Seed.
(b) Our Town.
(c) The Glass Menagerie.
(d) The Miracle Worker.

3. Where had Harry Falk been while Duke was desperately trying to contact him in Chapter 21?
(a) Sandy Smith's house.
(b) The Hilton Hotel.
(c) The Playboy Mansion.
(d) The Sherry Netherland Hotel.

4. What did Duke do in Chapter 13 when John Ross made advances towards her in the hotel room?
(a) Smacked him in the face.
(b) Threw up on him.
(c) Called the police.
(d) Ran out the door.

5. What did Liza Minnelli lend to Duke during her Academy Awards rehearsal?
(a) Hairspray.
(b) A wrap.
(c) Lipstick.
(d) Shoes.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where did Duke and the other stars of Valley of the Dolls promote the film?

2. What had Ethel Ross once done for a living?

3. What did Duke's relationship with Frank Sinatra, Jr., mostly consist of?

4. When Duke was eight-years-old, Ethel Ross made her wear clothing for a child of what age?

5. What was Duke drinking during a lunch break on the set of Me, Natalie that upset Fred Coe so much?

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