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Short Answer Questions

1. What was Genya's father's reaction to her affair?

2. How old is David when the book begins?

3. Why didn't Genya's lover run off with her?

4. What idea does Bertha relish concerning running her own business?

5. Who has never seen David before David arrives in New York?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does David get home after he gets lost in Book I?

2. Why is Albert in a foul mood when his wife and child arrive in New York?

3. When he returns home from cheder after the milk route incident, why does David have to wait for Genya to open the door?

4. What does Bertha say she enjoys about Nathan?

5. What is Albert's reaction to David when David and Genya arrive in New York?

6. Why does David's family move to the Lower East Side?

7. What religious event does Leo tell David about in Book IV: Chapters 7-14?

8. What happens to Albert before he has a chance to lash out at Luter at their workplace?

9. Who does David's mother fail to recognize?

10. While outside, David finds a metal milk dipper. What does he hope to do with it?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Discuss David's journey through the book. Does he undergo some changes? If so, what are the changes? What causes the changes?

Essay Topic 2

The cellar is one of the major symbols used in Call It Sleep. What does the cellar represent? What does David need to get past the cellar and into his apartment? What does this symbolize in terms of David's life?

Essay Topic 3

Why does David tell such an elaborate lie about his parents to the rabbis? What does his lie reveal about him?

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