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Short Answer Questions

1. What industry does Albert work in at the beginning of the book?

2. What does Bertha look like when she arrives in America?

3. According to David's mother, who is brighter than the brightest day?

4. Why does Luter stop coming to the Shearl's for dinner?

5. In Book III, what does David begin to attend after school?

Short Essay Questions

1. Genya warns Albert that he is becoming too close to Luter. Why is she concerned the relationship could cause trouble?

2. Why doesn't David run away when the men terrorize him and steal the milk?

3. After moving to the Lower East Side, why does David have to be quiet or stay outside during the day?

4. Why does David have some difficulty listening in on his mother's conversations with Bertha?

5. How does David get home after he gets lost in Book I?

6. What religious event does Leo tell David about in Book IV: Chapters 7-14?

7. What is the reunion between Genya, David, and Albert like when Genya and David get to New York?

8. How does David create the flash on the trolley rail?

9. Why do David and his mother come to New York?

10. Why does Luter want to find a wife that has money?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Why does David have a feeling of triumph at the end of the book when Albert is clearly upset by his son's near death? Why does he seem to believe he has achieved a victory?

Essay Topic 2

What reasons for marriage are presented in Call It Sleep? What impression of marriage does this give? Are those reasons for marriage still valid today? In other words, do people still marry for some of those same reasons? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 3

Why does David have a visionary experience at the river? What does his vision mean? Is it truly a vision or just a memory?

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