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Short Answer Questions

1. What is Bertha like compared to Genya?

2. While the boys are taunting David in Book I, who comes to the Schearl's home?

3. Why does Luter stop coming to the Shearl's for dinner?

4. What language do Genya and Bertha talk in that David cannot understand?

5. How old is David when the book begins?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Albert do when he learns that milk has been stolen from his wagon?

2. Why does David begin to avoid Annie?

3. What dismays Rabbi Yidel about the younger generation of Jewish boys?

4. Why does Albert take David along on his milk route?

5. When he returns home from cheder after the milk route incident, why does David have to wait for Genya to open the door?

6. In Book IV, Chapters 5-6, when David meets a group of boys outside, what are the boys doing?

7. When David returns home from his and Leo's visit to Bertha's daughters, what is David afraid his parents will find out?

8. Why is David afraid of Albert when he first arrives in New York?

9. Genya warns Albert that he is becoming too close to Luter. Why is she concerned the relationship could cause trouble?

10. Why does David go outside again after returning home from cheder following the milk route incident?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Why is this book titled Call It Sleep? What does the title mean?

Essay Topic 2

Light is a major theme throughout the book. Describe how the author uses light in the story. What does it mean? Does it mean different things in different situations? Why does the author choose to use light in this manner?

Essay Topic 3

Religion and spirituality play a big role in Call It Sleep. How do David's family's religious beliefs affect him? Do you think David believes as his parents do, or does he seem to be finding his own way? What role does Christianity play in the book? How do the Christian characters affect David's life?

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