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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Albert react to David when David first arrives in New York?

2. How does David feel about Luter's frequent visits?

3. What happens at Ellis Island during the year in which this book begins?

4. "Goy" is a Jewish term for what?

5. Where does David go to burn the chumitz?

Short Essay Questions

1. What lie does David tell the rabbis when he cries at cheder?

2. In Book IV, Chapters 5-6, when David meets a group of boys outside, what are the boys doing?

3. After moving to the Lower East Side, why does David have to be quiet or stay outside during the day?

4. After going on the milk route with Albert, why is David unable to perform at cheder?

5. Why does David have some difficulty listening in on his mother's conversations with Bertha?

6. What is Genya's reaction to Albert's foul mood when she arrives in New York?

7. Why do the boys chase the canary?

8. What happens to Albert before he has a chance to lash out at Luter at their workplace?

9. What does Leo tell David he must get if he wants to travel to Leo's old neighborhood?

10. How does Leo say that his father died?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

David is placed into several situations where sex or sexuality are involved. What are those situations? How do they affect David? What role does David play in the situations?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss David's journey through the book. Does he undergo some changes? If so, what are the changes? What causes the changes?

Essay Topic 3

Explain David's hallucination following his electrocution. What does it mean? What aspects of his childhood are brought together in the hallucination?

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