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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What effect do the quiet and the water of the river have on David?
(a) He falls asleep.
(b) He goes swimming.
(c) They mesmerizes him.
(d) They bore him.

2. What does David ask Genya about after seeing a funeral procession?
(a) Death.
(b) Her parents.
(c) Angels.
(d) Religion.

3. What happens to Albert that causes him to leave work before he can lash out at Luter?
(a) Luter quits.
(b) He injurs his thumb.
(c) He is fired.
(d) He is promoted.

4. Where was David born?
(a) America.
(b) Mexico.
(c) Europe.
(d) Asia.

5. Why didn't Genya's lover run off with her?
(a) His parents forbid it.
(b) He died.
(c) He married someone else.
(d) She didn't love him anymore.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why was Genya's father determined to marry her off?

2. What does David do to anger his father when Luter comes for Friday Sabbath dinner?

3. How old is David when the book begins?

4. What is David's reaction when he sees a funeral procession for the first time?

5. In Book I, where does Albert complain that he is being treated badly?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do David and his mother come to New York?

2. When David goes to Aunt Bertha's candy shop to see if Bertha has what he needs to go to Leo's neighborhood, what does Bertha ask David to do?

3. After moving to the Lower East Side, why does David have to be quiet or stay outside during the day?

4. When the boys chase the canary to the roof, what do they discover?

5. How does David create the flash on the trolley rail?

6. Why does Bertha have some misgivings about marrying Nathan?

7. Genya warns Albert that he is becoming too close to Luter. Why is she concerned the relationship could cause trouble?

8. Why does David kick Yussie causing a bloody nose?

9. After going on the milk route with Albert, why is David unable to perform at cheder?

10. What saves David after he kicks the milk dipper on the rails?

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