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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book IV: The Rail, Chapters 15-20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Bertha from?
(a) England.
(b) Scotland.
(c) Ireland.
(d) Austria.

2. Where does Leo often go to play?
(a) The cellar.
(b) His old neighborhood.
(c) To Bertha's house.
(d) Behind the school.

3. After leaving home following the milk route incident, when does David plan to return home?
(a) Never.
(b) After Albert goes to bed.
(c) After sunset.
(d) At dinner time.

4. How old is Leo?
(a) 8.
(b) 18.
(c) 13.
(d) 10.

5. Where do David and his family move to after Albert gets a job as a milkman?
(a) The Lower East Side.
(b) Ellis Island.
(c) New Jersey.
(d) Maine.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why didn't Genya's lover run off with her?

2. After Albert's father was gored by a bull, what did Albert do to help him?

3. Who dominates the dinner conversation when Nathan comes to dinner?

4. What signal reminds David to return home at the end of the day when he is playing outside?

5. Who finds out what is going on between Leo and Esther and threatens to tell Bertha?

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