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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book IV: The Rail, Chapters 15-20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who babysits David while his parents go out in Book I?
(a) Bertha.
(b) Mrs. Mink.
(c) Luter.
(d) Esther.

2. What accusation does Albert make against Genya in Book IV, Chapters 15-20?
(a) David is really the Christian's son.
(b) She cheated on him.
(c) She killed someone.
(d) She stole money.

3. Why does Luter often come over to the Shearl's house?
(a) To drive Albert to work.
(b) To play with David.
(c) To fix things around the apartment.
(d) For dinner.

4. What does Leo help Esther with?
(a) Putting on her skates.
(b) Homework.
(c) Tying a knot.
(d) Her dress.

5. What does Rabbi Yidel teach David?
(a) Hebrew.
(b) Music.
(c) English.
(d) Mathematics.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Book I, why does David knock a boy to the pavement?

2. After Albert drops David off from the milk route, where is he instructed to go?

3. What is Leo doing when David finds him after returning from Bertha's?

4. Who does David meet in Book IV, Chapters 5-6

5. What lie does David tell the rabbis about his father?

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