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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book IV: The Rail, Chapters 15-20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does David kick Yussie and give him a bloody nose?
(a) Yussie teases David about Annie.
(b) Yussie kicks him first.
(c) Yussie hits him with a hanger.
(d) Yussie calls Genya ugly.

2. Who finds out what is going on between Leo and Esther and threatens to tell Bertha?
(a) Nathan.
(b) Polly.
(c) Albert.
(d) David.

3. Why is the rabbi angry with David when he attends cheder after going on Albert's milk route?
(a) He is late.
(b) David isn't able to perform adequately.
(c) He knows what Albert did.
(d) He reads the wrong passage.

4. What accusation does Albert make against Genya in Book IV, Chapters 15-20?
(a) She stole money.
(b) She cheated on him.
(c) David is really the Christian's son.
(d) She killed someone.

5. What is on the bottom floor of the flat David and his family live in at the beginning of the book?
(a) A bookstore.
(b) A candy store.
(c) More apartments.
(d) The cellar.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is in a foul mood as the Schearl family reunites?

2. What does David convince himself of while he roams the streets after lying to the rabbis?

3. "Goy" is a Jewish term for what?

4. Why does David's mother take so long to open the door?

5. Where do Leo and Esther go to be alone?

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