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Armstrong Sperry
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. He hated doing these tasks back in Hikueru. How does he feel now?
(a) He wishes he were better at them.
(b) He is grateful for the skills now.
(c) He still hates them.
(d) He wishes he had practiced them more at home.

2. He has faced a fear and come out unharmed. What is this?
(a) A surpise.
(b) A shock.
(c) A gift.
(d) It is a victory.

3. What does he think about again?
(a) How hungry he is.
(b) The island he had seen with the smoke rising above the trees.
(c) How alone he is.
(d) The island is dangerous.

4. As he is looking at another island, what is he astonished to see?
(a) Kivi flying in the sky.
(b) Smoke rising from the trees.
(c) A storm brewing.
(d) Canoes in the distance.

5. How does he feel when he moves a bone?
(a) Surprised.
(b) Disgusted.
(c) Frightened.
(d) Worried.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does he move toward the idol?

2. What swallows the fish Mafatu has caught?

3. How does he feel as he heads out to the reef?

4. He has the skill and resources to build a net but cannot get out to the "distant reef" to cast the net without his canoe. What does this do to him?

5. What has rooted Mafatu to the ground?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are the first steps in making a canoe in Mafatu's culture?

2. How does Mafatu react when the water becomes turbulent? Why does he react this way?

3. What does Mafatu resolve to do each day?

4. What has Mafatu done by saving his dog?

5. How does Mafatu realize there are humans nearby?

6. Why does Mafatu go after his knife?

7. What does Mafatu spot at the sacred platform? Why does he need it?

8. What is his victory?

9. Why does Mafatu become frightened?

10. What does Mafatu find in the clearing?

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