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Armstrong Sperry
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2 The Sea.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Mafatu's mother take him out to the barrier reef?
(a) To look for his father.
(b) To look for sea urchins.
(c) To catch fish.
(d) To swim through the coral.

2. What gives them relief from the heat?
(a) Shade from Kivi.
(b) Clouds.
(c) Night.
(d) A cool breeze.

3. Who treats Mafatu poorly?
(a) The other children.
(b) His father and the other children in the village.
(c) His step-mother.
(d) His teachers.

4. What is coming their way?
(a) A tidal wave.
(b) A group of warriors.
(c) A storm.
(d) His father.

5. What is it time for the boys to do?
(a) Prepare for fishing.
(b) Eat a meal.
(c) Say a prayer.
(d) Go to bed.

Short Answer Questions

1. When morning comes, who is with Mafatu?

2. How does Mafatu's mother respond to the fishermen?

3. What is Mafatu afraid will disappear, if he takes his eyes off of it?

4. What happens to Mafatu's mother after raising the coconut to her son's lips?

5. Who does Mafatu begin to follow?

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