Objects & Places from Call It Courage

Armstrong Sperry
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This is the atoll that Mafatu is from, and the place from which he sets out on his journey of discovery. Mafatu returns here at the end of the novel.

The Island

After conquering the sea, Mafatu ends up here. It is the place where Mafatu learns to fend for himself and where he gains the courage and independence he seeks.

Boar's Tooth Necklace

Mafatu remembers his grandfather having made this and the respect it afforded him. When Mafatu wants to create one of his own, in the hopes that he will finally be seen as both brave and competent.

Sacred Place

Mafatu encounters this place, the site of the eaters-of-men's sacrifices. It is here that Mafatu musters his courage to approach the massive idol to seize the spearhead he desperately wants.


What Mafatu takes from the Sacred Place symbolizes his growing ability to create his...

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