Daily Lessons for Teaching Call It Courage

Armstrong Sperry
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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1 Flight)


The opening chapter of CALL IT COURAGE establishes both the main theme of the story, and introduces the reader to the central character, Mafatu, The Boy Who Was Afraid. This lesson will discuss the main character and his struggles, as well as the main theme.


Class Discussion: Describe Mafatu.

Small Group Activity: What event has made Mafatu the way he is today? How does this affect his relationships with others?

Class Discussion: Share the groups' discussion about Mafatu's traumatic event and how it has shaped him and his relationships with others. Do the other characters have the right to treat him in this way? Has anyone ever tried to help him overcome his fear?

Homework: What is the main theme that is established in this first chapter? How do you know this is a theme?

Lesson 2 (from Chapter 1 Flight)


In Chapter 1 Flight, Mafatu's story is timeless. This...

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