Call It Courage Fun Activities

Armstrong Sperry
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Folk Tales and Legends

Read a variety of folk tales and legends, and compare and contrast them to this tale in a short essay.

Write Your Own Tale

Using the tales you read in the first activity, write your own folk tale or legend.


This story takes place in Polynesia. Research Polynesian history and culture, and present your findings to the class in a five-minute presentation.

Polynesian Music

Listen to this culture's music. Write a short essay describing the music, interpreting the music's meaning, and evaluate the music.

Polynesian Food

Research a Polynesian recipe. Create the dish and bring it to school to share with your classmates.

Polynesian Dance

Bring a dance instructor in to give an introductory lesson in Polynesian dance.

Polynesian Art

Look at examples of Polynesian art and create your own unique work of art using the Polynesian art as inspiration.

Zoo or Aquarium Trip

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