Call It Courage Character Descriptions

Armstrong Sperry
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This character is the main character in this book, and throughout much of the story, he is the only main character.


This character is an albatross.


This character is a dog, and one of only two friends the Mafatu has. The relationship between the boy and his dog is a typical one in many ways.

The Eaters-of-Men

These characters who inhabit the nearby island represent to Mafatu a thing to be feared (and avoided.), so much so that he makes it a priority to go to the lookout each day and ensure that they are not coming his way. These characters represent one of the challenges that Mafatu faces on his journey.

Mafatu's Mother

This character plays a small role in the terms of the length of time she is portrayed in the story, but her influence on Mafatu's life is profound. She shows both...

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