Call It Courage Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Armstrong Sperry
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Chapter 1 Flight

• Mafatu recalls a life-changing event that happened to him early in his childhood, an event that has shaped his fear of the sea.

• One day, Mafatu's mother took him out to the barrier reef to look for sea urchins; a storm was coming their way, and the other fishermen turned their canoes around and headed for the safety of dry land.

• Mafatu's mother decided to brave the elements, much to the concern of the other fishermen.

• They warned her against staying out in the water, but she paid them no attention.
• Finally, though, she decides to head back to shore, but she finds the way blocked by a current.

• The current took hold of their canoe, capsized it, and tossed them into the churning sea, where they remained for the whole of the night.

• They managed to survive the danger of the sharks circling around them...

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