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Short Answer Questions

1. In part 3, where does Marguerite put the children to sleep while the men investigate the fire on Sargent's Point?

2. What item of clothing does Dolly threaten to make one of and force the other children to stay indoors while one wears it?

3. What is it rumored Ethan paid for Abby's gift?

4. What items has Seth Jordan given the Sargents to plant in their fields?

5. In part 3, who expresses fear for Pumpkin the dog when the party at the Jordans' notice the smoke on Sargent's Point?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do the Sargents friends and neighbors react when Marguerite dances a French dance?

2. What do Caleb and Marguerite do after Debby is injured? What is the result?

3. What does Joel tell Dolly about their sources of meat now that the cow and most of the chickens are gone?

4. What does Marguerite go out into the fog to gather in Part 4? What happens when she does?

5. What news do the men bring back from Sargent's Point when they return from checking on the cause of some smoke seen from Sunday Island?

6. What do the Sargents do to the sugar maple trees that makes Marguerite fear for their survival?

7. Why does Dolly refuse to allow Marguerite to go to Sunday Island to get help? Why does their signal of a white sheet fail to gain notice?

8. What does Marguerite think of the line dance that the neighbors teach her at the corn shelling?

9. What supplies have the Sargents run low on? Why?

10. What warning is stated in the final chorus of the song Aunt Hespa sings once more during the corn shelling?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the following in detail and how each impacts the development of the plot in the early sections of the novel:

1) The physical setting of the novel: Isabella B, the ship

2) The physical setting of the novel: Maine.

3) The time period of the novel: 1743

Essay Topic 2

Discuss one of the following in detail using examples from the novel to support your conclusions:

1) Structure

2) Language

3) Setting

4) Point of view

Essay Topic 3

Who is Aunt Hespa? How does Marguerite come to meet her? What is their relationship like from the first meeting? What does Aunt Hespa have that Marguerite admires? What does Aunt Hespa show Marguerite on their first meeting? What does Aunt Hespa have to teach Marguerite? How many times does Marguerite visit Aunt Hespa to help with chores and projects? What quilt pattern does Aunt Hespa show Marguerite? What gift does Aunt Hespa make to Marguerite at the end of the novel?

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