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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the Indian call the person who helped heal him in Quebec?
(a) Les Gris Hombre.
(b) Les Bon Dieu.
(c) Les Peres Gris.
(d) Les Peres Neo.

2. What do the Sargents do with the sap once they have drained it from the trees?
(a) Boil it.
(b) Drink it.
(c) Store it away.
(d) Lay it in the sun to dry in sheets.

3. What landmark does Marguerite try to fix in her mind to recall once she returns to Sargent's Point?
(a) Isle de Jean.
(b) Penobscot Bay.
(c) Sunday Island.
(d) Mount Desert.

4. Why does Abby want to learn the embroidery stitches Marguerite learned to do in a convent in France?
(a) To decorate the collars of her new dresses.
(b) To decorate some napkins she is making for the home she will share with Ira.
(c) To make a fancy wedding dress.
(d) To impress her mother.

5. Who is Marguerite a little afraid of seeing when they reach the Welles' farm?
(a) Nathan Welles.
(b) Hannah Welles.
(c) Timothy Welles.
(d) Abby Welles.

Short Answer Questions

1. What chore does Marguerite take over in Ira's absence?

2. What food does Patty expect to be served at the Jordans' corn shelling?

3. Who does Marguerite think of when she and the Sargents indulge in the maple sugar?

4. Which of the children begins to show the most ill effects from the harsh winter weather?

5. What sound does Marguerite hear in the fog that convinces her there are Indians surrounding her?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Marguerite think that Ira Sargent has grown sullen? What does she do about it?

2. What does Marguerite learn was the only thing the Sargents routinely do to celebrate Christmas?

3. What type of gathering do the Jordans have shortly after Timothy Welles and Ethan Jordan return from Portsmouth?

4. Who does Abby Welles say a heartfelt goodbye to when the men leave? What does this say about her choice of suitors?

5. How is Joel Sargent injured in Part 4? How bad is the injury?

6. What supplies have the Sargents run low on? Why?

7. Before having a meal during the corn shelling, what do the people of the area pray for?

8. Who does Marguerite run into while she is walking in the woods Christmas Eve to sing Christmas carols on her own? What does he tell her? What does she give him?

9. How does Caleb arrange to travel to Boston on the Fortunate Star?

10. What warning is stated in the final chorus of the song Aunt Hespa sings once more during the corn shelling?

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