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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Marguerite not attend Debby's burial?
(a) Her feet were too swollen from the cold.
(b) The Sargents would not allow it.
(c) She had a cold.
(d) She refused to accept the child's death.

2. What does Marguerite call the button she presses into the Indian's hand before leaving him?
(a) A Christmas gift.
(b) A birthday gift.
(c) A peice of junk.
(d) A peace offering.

3. What does Jacob declare the sugar maple sap tastes like?
(a) Sugar.
(b) Honey.
(c) Sugar water.
(d) Molasses.

4. What excuse does Marguerite give Dolly when she slips out of the house Christmas Eve?
(a) She wants to milk the cow.
(b) She wants to gather pine cones for the fire.
(c) She wants to look for blueberries.
(d) She wants to look for eggs.

5. What about her own appearance does Marguerite become aware when sitting near Abby Welles?
(a) Her uncombed hair.
(b) Her old, outgrown dress.
(c) Her holey shoes.
(d) Her torn stockings.

Short Answer Questions

1. What chore does Marguerite take over in Ira's absence?

2. In part 3, what advice does Seth Jordan give Joel Sargent when Joel plans on his return to Sargent's Point?

3. What food does Patty expect to be served at the Jordans' corn shelling?

4. What is the response of the sailors when Caleb asks to go with them to Boston?

5. Who weighs heaviest on Marguerite's mind when she thinks of taking Joel Sargent's offer and leave Maine to live in a convent in French Canada?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Ira take Marguerite on his first visit to see Abby Welles after the long winter? What does Abby give to Marguerite?

2. What offer does Joel Sargent make to Marguerite at the end of the novel?

3. What does Marguerite learn was the only thing the Sargents routinely do to celebrate Christmas?

4. What arrives in the channel to cause a great deal of excitement on Sargent's Point? What do they want?

5. How is Joel Sargent injured in Part 4? How bad is the injury?

6. Who does Marguerite run into while she is walking in the woods Christmas Eve to sing Christmas carols on her own? What does he tell her? What does she give him?

7. Why does Dolly refuse to allow Marguerite to go to Sunday Island to get help? Why does their signal of a white sheet fail to gain notice?

8. Before having a meal during the corn shelling, what do the people of the area pray for?

9. What work does Joel take on by himself when Ira and Caleb go away on the Fortunate Star?

10. What supplies have the Sargents run low on? Why?

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