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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What complaint does Dolly make in part 4 as Joel prepares the fields for planting?
(a) That he is not working hard enough.
(b) That he is trying to do everything too perfectly.
(c) That he is working too hard.
(d) That he is not doing a good enough job.

2. What does Jacob declare the sugar maple sap tastes like?
(a) Sugar water.
(b) Molasses.
(c) Honey.
(d) Sugar.

3. What landmark does Marguerite try to fix in her mind to recall once she returns to Sargent's Point?
(a) Isle de Jean.
(b) Mount Desert.
(c) Penobscot Bay.
(d) Sunday Island.

4. What news did Seth Jordan bring the Welles that Hannah demands more details about?
(a) Raids by the Indians during the winter.
(b) Marguerite's trek across the frozen channel.
(c) Jacob's injury.
(d) The death of Debby.

5. What excuse does Marguerite give Dolly when she slips out of the house Christmas Eve?
(a) She wants to gather pine cones for the fire.
(b) She wants to look for blueberries.
(c) She wants to look for eggs.
(d) She wants to milk the cow.

Short Answer Questions

1. What gift did Ethan Jordan bring to Abby Welles upon his return from Portsmouth?

2. What food remains the staple of the Sargents' diet during the long, harsh winter?

3. In part 3, who keeps watch through the night while the men go to check on the fire at Sargent's Point?

4. What favorite memory of her grandmother at Christmas does Marguerite have?

5. What is the name of the girl in Aunt Hespa's song, Calico Bush?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Joel tell Dolly about their sources of meat now that the cow and most of the chickens are gone?

2. What supplies have the Sargents run low on? Why?

3. What does Marguerite do when the food runs out and the Indians continue to be a threat to Sargent's Point?

4. What work does Joel take on by himself when Ira and Caleb go away on the Fortunate Star?

5. Marguerite sees smoke at Sargent's Point when she goes to sit before the window after being criticized for her dance. Who does she tell? What do they do?

6. What does Marguerite go out into the fog to gather in Part 4? What happens when she does?

7. How does Caleb arrange to travel to Boston on the Fortunate Star?

8. Why does Marguerite think that Ira Sargent has grown sullen? What does she do about it?

9. What type of gathering do the Jordans have shortly after Timothy Welles and Ethan Jordan return from Portsmouth?

10. Why does Ira take Marguerite on his first visit to see Abby Welles after the long winter? What does Abby give to Marguerite?

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