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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is the roof of the cave darkened?
(a) There have been many fires inside the cave.
(b) The bears have rubbed against it, staining it with the oils from their coats.
(c) The damp has caused a growth of mold.
(d) The Indians have drawn on it.

2. What is Passageewakeag?
(a) An Indian term for place of ghosts or spirits.
(b) A French term for cemetery.
(c) An Indian term for holy land.
(d) A French term for homeland.

3. What skill was Marguerite taught by the Sisters in a convent in France?
(a) Embroidery.
(b) Knitting.
(c) Sculpting.
(d) Painting.

4. What is a dory?
(a) A small boat.
(b) A tool.
(c) A bird.
(d) A large ship.

5. What is a bound-out girl?
(a) A girl who works as a servant in exchange for room and board.
(b) A girl who is sent to boarding school.
(c) A girl who travels with families in need.
(d) A girl who runs errands for a family.

Short Answer Questions

1. In part 2, why does Joel Sargent forbid Marguerite from telling the neighbors about the items she found in the cave?

2. Who are the Morses?

3. What do Marguerite and the twins spend the morning of the Raising doing?

4. In part 2, what do the men spend most of their evenings doing?

5. To where were Marguerite, her uncle, and her grandmother planning to go when they left France?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens to the cow and her calf when they are put in the water to swim to shore? Who rescues them?

2. Why do the Sargents decide to put the livestock in the water and allow them to swim to their new farm rather than transport them some other way?

3. Of what nationality is Marguerite Ledoux? Why do the Sargents call her Maggie?

4. What offer does Joel Sargent make to Marguerite at the end of the novel?

5. Why do the children need to be cleaned up? Why do they protest?

6. Before having a meal during the corn shelling, what do the people of the area pray for?

7. What supplies have the Sargents run low on? Why?

8. Why do the children follow the dog to the stream? What do they see? What happens next?

9. What does Marguerite go out into the fog to gather in Part 4? What happens when she does?

10. How does life on Sunday Island compare to life on Sargents' Point in Marguerite's eyes?

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