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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What complaint does Dolly make in part 4 as Joel prepares the fields for planting?
(a) That he is working too hard.
(b) That he is not working hard enough.
(c) That he is not doing a good enough job.
(d) That he is trying to do everything too perfectly.

2. Why does Joel Sargent refuse to ask any of his neighbors for more ammunition?
(a) He does not want to impose.
(b) He doesn't believe they would give it to him either from need or because he refused to listen to advice.
(c) He is too proud to beg for anything.
(d) He does not think his neighbors would give him any because they all want to see the Indians get him and the family.

3. What would Marguerite have learned to do at the convent if she had remained another year?
(a) Needlepoint.
(b) Lace-making.
(c) Quilt making.
(d) Dress making.

4. How does Marguerite keep going in the right direction during her attempts to retrieve Aunt Hespa?
(a) She follows the tip of the Big Dipper.
(b) She follows Caleb.
(c) She follows the Aurora Borealis.
(d) She follows Pumpkin.

5. What chore are the children asked to work in order to prepare the soil for planting?
(a) Plowing.
(b) Removal of roots and small stones.
(c) Watering.
(d) Pulling stumps.

6. What favorite memory of her grandmother at Christmas does Marguerite have?
(a) The shopping trips.
(b) The gifts she often gave.
(c) The cookies she baked.
(d) The special cakes she baked.

7. What things does Hannah Welles criticize Ira Sargent for in part 4?
(a) His dependence on his brother and settling on land known to have been raided by Indians.
(b) His dependence on his brother and his lack of a work ethic.
(c) His inability to provide a home and shelter to her daughter.
(d) His lack of income and his desire to return to Portsmouth.

8. What does Caleb ask Marguerite to take care of in his absence?
(a) His collection of seashells.
(b) His dried fish and fishing pole.
(c) His drying squirrel skins and wooden boat.
(d) His hunting rifle and ammunition.

9. In part 3, who does Marguerite find preparing for breakfast in the kitchen the morning after the men go to check on smoke at Sargent's Point?
(a) Dolly and Aunt Hespa.
(b) Kate Stanley and Dolly.
(c) Abby and Hannah Welles.
(d) Abby Welles and Aunt Hespa.

10. What item does Marguerite wish she had at the beginning of part 3 so that she might pray for Ira Sargent and Abby Welles?
(a) A Bible.
(b) A St. Jude medal.
(c) A rosary.
(d) A crucifix.

11. What is a jog?
(a) A type of dance.
(b) A type of dress.
(c) A type of shoes.
(d) A type of exercise.

12. In part 4, what do the twins draw straws to do?
(a) Play with the maypole.
(b) Wear a pair of shoes.
(c) Play with the doll.
(d) Go swimming.

13. What treat does Abby talk her mother into serving Ira Sargent and Marguerite?
(a) Pumpkin pie.
(b) Spice cake.
(c) Fresh bread.
(d) Molasses cakes.

14. Why did Marguerite not attend Debby's burial?
(a) The Sargents would not allow it.
(b) She had a cold.
(c) She refused to accept the child's death.
(d) Her feet were too swollen from the cold.

15. In part 3, what drink does Ira give the dog when it returns from its fight with the Indians?
(a) Milk.
(b) Coffee.
(c) Liquor.
(d) Tea.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Abby want to learn the embroidery stitches Marguerite learned to do in a convent in France?

2. At the end of part 3, what is the first word Debby clearly speaks?

3. In part 3, who sings the most often after the corn shelling is done?

4. What is a reel?

5. What news did Seth Jordan bring the Welles that Hannah demands more details about?

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