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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What favorite memory of her grandmother at Christmas does Marguerite have?
(a) The special cakes she baked.
(b) The gifts she often gave.
(c) The cookies she baked.
(d) The shopping trips.

2. What date does Ira Sargent tell Marguerite it will be the day after she has visited Debby's grave?
(a) December 31.
(b) March 1.
(c) January 1.
(d) February 27.

3. How do Marguerite and Dolly get Joel back to the house after he is injured?
(a) They call the Jordans.
(b) They drag him, crawling foot by foot.
(c) They force him to walk.
(d) They pick him up and carry him together.

4. What chore does Marguerite take over in Ira's absence?
(a) Collecting the sugar maple sap.
(b) Feeding the livestock.
(c) Pulling weeds in the fields.
(d) Marking the days on his makeshift calendar.

5. In part 3, whose cruel comments have caused Marguerite to feel sad and old?
(a) Caleb.
(b) Dolly.
(c) Ira.
(d) Joel.

6. What does Marguerite say over the grave when she first visits Debby's grave?
(a) An English lullaby.
(b) A French lullaby.
(c) An English prayer.
(d) A French prayer.

7. Why does Joel Sargent refuse to ask any of his neighbors for more ammunition?
(a) He doesn't believe they would give it to him either from need or because he refused to listen to advice.
(b) He does not want to impose.
(c) He does not think his neighbors would give him any because they all want to see the Indians get him and the family.
(d) He is too proud to beg for anything.

8. How does Aunt Hespa get across the channel to help treat Debby's burns?
(a) A sled.
(b) Skis.
(c) A boat.
(d) A horse.

9. Who taught Marguerite to dance the pavane?
(a) Grandmother.
(b) Uncle Pierre.
(c) Her father.
(d) Her mother.

10. What food remains the staple of the Sargents' diet during the long, harsh winter?
(a) Turnips, radishes, and potatoes.
(b) Carrots, corn, and peas.
(c) Tomatoes, dried meat, and rice.
(d) Turnips, cornmeal, and dried fish.

11. Which of the children begins to show the most ill effects from the harsh winter weather?
(a) Patty.
(b) Jacob.
(c) Debby.
(d) Caleb.

12. What is the response of the sailors when Caleb asks to go with them to Boston?
(a) They outright refuse him.
(b) They laugh.
(c) They welcome him.
(d) They tell him to ask his parents.

13. What favorite memory of Christmas with the Sisters at the convent does Marguerite have?
(a) Feeding the poor.
(b) Exchaning presents.
(c) Watching the Christmas pageant.
(d) Singing Christmas carols.

14. Why is one of the ears of corn red?
(a) It is a sign that the person who finds it will marry soon.
(b) It is a traditional object of good luck.
(c) It is a game. The winner gets out of work for the day.
(d) It hides money in its silk.

15. What landmark does Marguerite try to fix in her mind to recall once she returns to Sargent's Point?
(a) Penobscot Bay.
(b) Mount Desert.
(c) Isle de Jean.
(d) Sunday Island.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is it rumored Ethan paid for Abby's gift?

2. What change in her private thoughts does Marguerite suddenly notice in part 4?

3. At the beginning of part 4, what does Ira wish there was between Sargent's Point and the Welles farm?

4. Why did Marguerite not attend Debby's burial?

5. Why does Abby want to learn the embroidery stitches Marguerite learned to do in a convent in France?

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