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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In part 3, what drink does Ira give the dog when it returns from its fight with the Indians?
(a) Coffee.
(b) Tea.
(c) Milk.
(d) Liquor.

2. In Aunt Hespa's book, who kept Doubting Castle?
(a) Dark Depression.
(b) Great Heart.
(c) Giant Despair.
(d) Christian.

3. What type of dress that Abby is making does she show Marguerite on her visit in part 4?
(a) Calico.
(b) Silk.
(c) Homespun.
(d) Broadcloth.

4. In part 3, who does Marguerite find preparing for breakfast in the kitchen the morning after the men go to check on smoke at Sargent's Point?
(a) Kate Stanley and Dolly.
(b) Abby Welles and Aunt Hespa.
(c) Abby and Hannah Welles.
(d) Dolly and Aunt Hespa.

5. In part 3, who keeps watch through the night while the men go to check on the fire at Sargent's Point?
(a) The Sargent men.
(b) The Jordan men.
(c) The Morse men.
(d) The Stanley men.

6. Who taught Marguerite to dance the pavane?
(a) Grandmother.
(b) Her father.
(c) Her mother.
(d) Uncle Pierre.

7. How does Aunt Hespa get across the channel to help treat Debby's burns?
(a) A sled.
(b) A horse.
(c) Skis.
(d) A boat.

8. Who does Marguerite think of when she and the Sargents indulge in the maple sugar?
(a) Seth Jordan.
(b) Abby Welles.
(c) Aunt Hespa.
(d) Debby.

9. What item of clothing does Dolly threaten to make one of and force the other children to stay indoors while one wears it?
(a) Cotton underclothing.
(b) A dress.
(c) Shoes.
(d) Stockings.

10. How do Marguerite and Dolly get Joel back to the house after he is injured?
(a) They pick him up and carry him together.
(b) They call the Jordans.
(c) They force him to walk.
(d) They drag him, crawling foot by foot.

11. What does Ira Sargent compare to pulling the teeth of a giant?
(a) Removing large stumps from the ground.
(b) Forcing Marguerite to do a chore.
(c) Making the children obey.
(d) Encouraging Hannah Welles to accept his engagement to Abby.

12. Why does Joel Sargent refuse to ask any of his neighbors for more ammunition?
(a) He does not think his neighbors would give him any because they all want to see the Indians get him and the family.
(b) He does not want to impose.
(c) He is too proud to beg for anything.
(d) He doesn't believe they would give it to him either from need or because he refused to listen to advice.

13. In part 3, what advice does Seth Jordan give Joel Sargent when Joel plans on his return to Sargent's Point?
(a) He return to Marblehead.
(b) He not return to the point.
(c) He leave the women on Sunday Island.
(d) He send the children back to Marblehead.

14. What is a reel?
(a) A type of musical instrument.
(b) A type of dance.
(c) A type of song.
(d) A type of party game.

15. What unpleasant side effect does a storm have on the occupants of the Sargent home in part 3?
(a) It causes the animals to flee the area.
(b) It causes water to drip on the fire and cause smoke to fill the house.
(c) It causes wind to blow through cracks at the windows.
(d) It causes the fire to go out.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the Indian call the person who helped heal him in Quebec?

2. What does Caleb ask Marguerite to take care of in his absence?

3. What sound does Marguerite hear in the fog that convinces her there are Indians surrounding her?

4. Why does Dolly quickly insist on putting a splint on Joel's injured leg?

5. What does a voice in the chaos of the Indians fighting over the cloth from the Maypole say to Marguerite that causes her to stop fearing for herself and the children?

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