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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Dolly blame for the baby's burns?
(a) Marguerite for not watching the child closer.
(b) The twins for pushing the child close to the fire.
(c) Joel for brining them there and herself for not teaching the child to fear fire.
(d) Ira for putting too many logs on the fire.

2. What food does Patty expect to be served at the Jordans' corn shelling?
(a) Hasty pudding.
(b) Potato salad.
(c) Molasses cakes.
(d) Fried chicken.

3. What chore are the children asked to work in order to prepare the soil for planting?
(a) Removal of roots and small stones.
(b) Plowing.
(c) Pulling stumps.
(d) Watering.

4. What cargo does the Fortunate Star carry?
(a) Coffee and beans for the people of Boston.
(b) Cloth and tea for sale in Boston.
(c) Dried goods for the Royal Navy.
(d) Lumber to the Royal Navy.

5. Who built the casket for Debby's body?
(a) Seth Jordan.
(b) Joel Sargent.
(c) Ira Sargent.
(d) Ethan Jordan.

6. What landmark does Marguerite try to fix in her mind to recall once she returns to Sargent's Point?
(a) Isle de Jean.
(b) Mount Desert.
(c) Penobscot Bay.
(d) Sunday Island.

7. What does Ira Sargent compare to pulling the teeth of a giant?
(a) Encouraging Hannah Welles to accept his engagement to Abby.
(b) Removing large stumps from the ground.
(c) Making the children obey.
(d) Forcing Marguerite to do a chore.

8. What news did Seth Jordan bring the Welles that Hannah demands more details about?
(a) Raids by the Indians during the winter.
(b) Jacob's injury.
(c) Marguerite's trek across the frozen channel.
(d) The death of Debby.

9. Why is one of the ears of corn red?
(a) It is a traditional object of good luck.
(b) It is a game. The winner gets out of work for the day.
(c) It is a sign that the person who finds it will marry soon.
(d) It hides money in its silk.

10. What item of clothing does Dolly threaten to make one of and force the other children to stay indoors while one wears it?
(a) Cotton underclothing.
(b) Stockings.
(c) Shoes.
(d) A dress.

11. What gift does Hannah Welles feel Abby should have returned when she made the choice to marry Ira Sargent?
(a) The six teacups Ethan Jordan gave her.
(b) A pocketwatch Captain Hunt gave her.
(c) Silk cloth Seth Jordan gave her.
(d) A bracelet Timothy gave her.

12. What items has Seth Jordan given the Sargents to plant in their fields?
(a) Turnips and tomatoes.
(b) Barley and potatoes.
(c) Turnips and radishes.
(d) Potatoes and tomatoes.

13. What is the response of the sailors when Caleb asks to go with them to Boston?
(a) They laugh.
(b) They welcome him.
(c) They outright refuse him.
(d) They tell him to ask his parents.

14. What complaint does Dolly make in part 4 as Joel prepares the fields for planting?
(a) That he is trying to do everything too perfectly.
(b) That he is not doing a good enough job.
(c) That he is working too hard.
(d) That he is not working hard enough.

15. What unpleasant side effect does a storm have on the occupants of the Sargent home in part 3?
(a) It causes the animals to flee the area.
(b) It causes water to drip on the fire and cause smoke to fill the house.
(c) It causes the fire to go out.
(d) It causes wind to blow through cracks at the windows.

Short Answer Questions

1. What task do the men set to as they wait for the final days of winter to blow away?

2. At the beginning of part 4, what does Ira wish there was between Sargent's Point and the Welles farm?

3. How does Marguerite keep going in the right direction during her attempts to retrieve Aunt Hespa?

4. As the weather warms, what fear comes over the Sargent family?

5. What does Joel do while in the throes of a fever in part 4?

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