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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Marguerite tell the children people in France and England dance the Maypole?
(a) To celebrate spring.
(b) To ask for help from neighbors in time of trouble.
(c) To ask for help from the gods.
(d) To celebrate birthdays.

2. In Aunt Hespa's book, who kept Doubting Castle?
(a) Christian.
(b) Giant Despair.
(c) Great Heart.
(d) Dark Depression.

3. Who is Marguerite a little afraid of seeing when they reach the Welles' farm?
(a) Nathan Welles.
(b) Abby Welles.
(c) Timothy Welles.
(d) Hannah Welles.

4. Why does Dolly quickly insist on putting a splint on Joel's injured leg?
(a) She wants to give him support to walk.
(b) She needs to straighten the leg.
(c) She does not know what else to do.
(d) She is concerned the bones will break through the skin.

5. How does Aunt Hespa get across the channel to help treat Debby's burns?
(a) A boat.
(b) Skis.
(c) A sled.
(d) A horse.

6. In part 4, what do the twins draw straws to do?
(a) Go swimming.
(b) Play with the maypole.
(c) Wear a pair of shoes.
(d) Play with the doll.

7. Who does Dolly blame for the baby's burns?
(a) Joel for brining them there and herself for not teaching the child to fear fire.
(b) The twins for pushing the child close to the fire.
(c) Marguerite for not watching the child closer.
(d) Ira for putting too many logs on the fire.

8. What cargo does the Fortunate Star carry?
(a) Cloth and tea for sale in Boston.
(b) Lumber to the Royal Navy.
(c) Dried goods for the Royal Navy.
(d) Coffee and beans for the people of Boston.

9. What is a trough?
(a) A bag filled with cornmeal.
(b) A place where animals eat.
(c) A long, narrow container.
(d) A type of tree.

10. What are the guests at the Jordans' corn shelling expected to do?
(a) Peel the outer covering from dried corn.
(b) Shred the corn kernels from the cob.
(c) Pick the ears of corn.
(d) Make creamed corn from the ears of corn.

11. In part 3, what advice does Seth Jordan give Joel Sargent when Joel plans on his return to Sargent's Point?
(a) He not return to the point.
(b) He return to Marblehead.
(c) He send the children back to Marblehead.
(d) He leave the women on Sunday Island.

12. What food does Patty expect to be served at the Jordans' corn shelling?
(a) Hasty pudding.
(b) Fried chicken.
(c) Potato salad.
(d) Molasses cakes.

13. What is Joel's largest concern as he lay disabled by his injury in part 4?
(a) That the Jordans will not help.
(b) That he cannot help care for the children.
(c) That the Indians might come and take advantage of their vulnerability.
(d) That the fields will not be planted in time.

14. What favorite memory of her grandmother at Christmas does Marguerite have?
(a) The shopping trips.
(b) The cookies she baked.
(c) The special cakes she baked.
(d) The gifts she often gave.

15. What complaint does Dolly make in part 4 as Joel prepares the fields for planting?
(a) That he is working too hard.
(b) That he is trying to do everything too perfectly.
(c) That he is not working hard enough.
(d) That he is not doing a good enough job.

Short Answer Questions

1. What item does Marguerite wish she had at the beginning of part 3 so that she might pray for Ira Sargent and Abby Welles?

2. What task do the men set to as they wait for the final days of winter to blow away?

3. What is a jog?

4. What change in her private thoughts does Marguerite suddenly notice in part 4?

5. What excuse does Marguerite give Dolly when she slips out of the house Christmas Eve?

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