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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 4: Spring.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What landmark does Marguerite try to fix in her mind to recall once she returns to Sargent's Point?
(a) Sunday Island.
(b) Mount Desert.
(c) Isle de Jean.
(d) Penobscot Bay.

2. Who plays the fiddle during Marguerite's visit at Aunt Hespa's?
(a) Joel Sargent.
(b) Seth Jordan.
(c) Ira Sargent.
(d) Ethan Jordan.

3. What is a bound-out girl?
(a) A girl who runs errands for a family.
(b) A girl who works as a servant in exchange for room and board.
(c) A girl who is sent to boarding school.
(d) A girl who travels with families in need.

4. What date does Ira Sargent tell Marguerite it will be the day after she has visited Debby's grave?
(a) March 1.
(b) December 31.
(c) February 27.
(d) January 1.

5. What does Marguerite think of her reflection after having not seen herself for many months?
(a) Her reflection seems odd to her becasue it has matured some.
(b) She thinks she looks like an Indian.
(c) She is unhappy with the shape of her nose.
(d) She likes what she sees.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is a trough?

2. Where does young Jacob sit while eating his midday meal?

3. To where were Marguerite, her uncle, and her grandmother planning to go when they left France?

4. In what language does Marguerite sing her Christmas carols?

5. What does Marguerite point out in the night sky to the children?

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