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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3: Winter.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What work do the women indulge after the large meal is finished during the Raising?
(a) Darning socks.
(b) Laundry.
(c) Knitting and patchwork.
(d) Washing dishes.

2. In part 2, what do the men spend most of their evenings doing?
(a) Whittling spoons out of wood.
(b) Building furniture.
(c) Reading the Bible.
(d) Telling stories of their childhoods.

3. Who rescues Marguerite out of the water after she rescues the cow and calf?
(a) Caleb Sargent.
(b) Ira Sargent.
(c) Joel Sargent.
(d) Dolly Sargent.

4. At the end of part 2, what does Aunt Hespa have Seth draw a pattern of Marguerite's feet on?
(a) The floor.
(b) Paper.
(c) Cloth.
(d) Cowhide.

5. What special addition did Dolly make to Marguerite and the twins' dress the morning of the Raising?
(a) New dresses.
(b) New shoes.
(c) Green ribbons for their hair.
(d) Blue yarn in their hair.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many children do the Sargents have?

2. In part 3, where does Marguerite put the children to sleep while the men investigate the fire on Sargent's Point?

3. What is an excuse for festivity as Marguerite guesses in the beginning of Part 2?

4. In Aunt Hespa's song, what is the dress the young woman wanted to make her dress out of?

5. What is one of the things that delayed the sailing of the Isabella B prior to the Raising?

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