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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3: Winter.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who says the young man in Aunt Hespa's song was wrong to leave his lover?
(a) Ira Sargent.
(b) Seth Jordan.
(c) Joel Sargent.
(d) Ethan Jordan.

2. How does Marguerite get a bruise on her forehead?
(a) She is punished by Joel Sargent for insolence.
(b) She is hit with debris while helping to save the livestock during a storm.
(c) She is kicked by one of the children in their sleep.
(d) She falls below deck during the storm.

3. Why has the author begun her book with the poem Maypole Point?
(a) To preface the story.
(b) To build tension in the story.
(c) To show off her poetic side.
(d) To foreshadow the death of Marguerite.

4. What item does Marguerite wish she had at the beginning of part 3 so that she might pray for Ira Sargent and Abby Welles?
(a) A Bible.
(b) A St. Jude medal.
(c) A crucifix.
(d) A rosary.

5. What is a reel?
(a) A type of song.
(b) A type of party game.
(c) A type of musical instrument.
(d) A type of dance.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the last thing the men do to the house before they finish work at the Raising?

2. What is still left to be done in the Sargents' house after the Raising is done?

3. What is the point of view of the novel?

4. In part 3, whose cruel comments have caused Marguerite to feel sad and old?

5. What favorite memory of her grandmother at Christmas does Marguerite have?

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