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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2: Fall.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is a skiff?
(a) A laundry tool.
(b) A surf board.
(c) A small boat.
(d) A large sailboat.

2. Who tells Marguerite she did the right thing after her encounter with the bear?
(a) Aunt Hespa.
(b) Joel and Dolly Sargent.
(c) Abby Welles.
(d) Seth Jordan.

3. What job is Marguerite immediately given as the Raising starts?
(a) Watching over the children.
(b) Filling the spaces between logs on the new house.
(c) Cooking the wildfowl.
(d) Keeping flies from the food.

4. Who does the children hope will come find them while they are lost in the woods in part 2?
(a) Ira.
(b) Pumpkin.
(c) Joel.
(d) Caleb.

5. What is Passageewakeag?
(a) An Indian term for holy land.
(b) A French term for homeland.
(c) A French term for cemetery.
(d) An Indian term for place of ghosts or spirits.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Part 2, rumors of what delayed the sailing of the Isabella B in one of two incidences?

2. What is the last thing the men do to the house before they finish work at the Raising?

3. In part 2, what do the men spend most of their evenings doing?

4. In part 2, what bird does Marguerite show a reluctance to eat?

5. Who are the Morses?

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