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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2: Fall.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the ship the Sargents are sailing on to get to their new farm?
(a) Isabella B.
(b) TransAtlantic.
(c) Isadora D.
(d) TransStar.

2. In Aunt Hespa's song, what is the dress the young woman wanted to make her dress out of?
(a) Spun cotton.
(b) Cashmere.
(c) Silk.
(d) Sprigged calico.

3. How has Ira Sargent created a calendar at the new farm?
(a) By cutting notches into a tree in the front yard.
(b) By cutting notches into a board.
(c) By cutting notches into the bed post.
(d) Cutting notches for each day into a pole beside the front door step.

4. What does Marguerite point out in the night sky to the children?
(a) A falling star.
(b) The full moon.
(c) Constellations.
(d) The direction to their new home.

5. At the end of part 2, why does Aunt Hespa have Seth draw a pattern of Marguerite's feet?
(a) To create a sock-like thing to help her new boots fit better.
(b) To show her how to make a drawing of a turkey.
(c) To help her learn how to make her own stockings.
(d) To prepare to build her new shoes.

Short Answer Questions

1. What job did Marguerite want to attend to at the Raising?

2. What is one of the things that delayed the sailing of the Isabella B prior to the Raising?

3. What special addition did Dolly make to Marguerite and the twins' dress the morning of the Raising?

4. Who says the young man in Aunt Hespa's song was wrong to leave his lover?

5. Whose fresh dress and white knitted stockings makes Marguerite feel self conscious?

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