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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2: Fall.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What business did Marguerite's uncle plan to start in the New World?
(a) A music store.
(b) A dance studio.
(c) A violin repair shop.
(d) A shoe repair shop.

2. What special clothing is Debby wearing for the Raising?
(a) A holland jumper.
(b) A homespun t-shirt and diaper.
(c) A cotton dress.
(d) A silk christening dress.

3. What is a dory?
(a) A bird.
(b) A large ship.
(c) A small boat.
(d) A tool.

4. What is a loom?
(a) A device that makes thread from wool.
(b) A device that cleans raw wool.
(c) A device that dyes raw wool.
(d) A device that weaves thread into cloth.

5. What animal does Marguerite think Dolly resembles in her homespun dress and scoop bonnet?
(a) A hen.
(b) A sheep.
(c) A pig.
(d) A cow.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did the captain say takes you places without waiting for no road?

2. What sport does Caleb indulge in that has resulted in great amounts of meat to be dried for winter use?

3. What does Dolly Sargent use to nurse her baby on the ship?

4. How do the twins explain to Marguerite the crickets make their noises?

5. When Marguerite is awoken by the storm, what is the first thing she does?

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