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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1: Summer.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why has the author begun her book with the poem Maypole Point?
(a) To preface the story.
(b) To build tension in the story.
(c) To foreshadow the death of Marguerite.
(d) To show off her poetic side.

2. What does grit mean as used in Part 1 of this novel?
(a) Courage.
(b) Foreigner.
(c) Stupidity.
(d) Intelligence.

3. What are the mugs made of that Aunt Hespa serves milk in after Marguerite's ordeal in the channel saving the cows?
(a) Wood.
(b) Pewter.
(c) Glass.
(d) Crystal.

4. In Aunt Hespa's song, what happens to the young woman's lover?
(a) He froze to death while traveling to get his bride a nice wedding dress.
(b) He was murdered by theives.
(c) He died at sea.
(d) He froze to death working in the fields of his farm.

5. Why does Marguerite only use French when she is alone?
(a) She wants to surprise the Sargents by teaching the language to the children.
(b) She wants to keep it private, only for herself.
(c) The Sargents do not approve of her use of the foreign tongue.
(d) The Sargents cannot understand, therefore she is trying to be polite.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Marguerite get a bruise on her forehead?

2. What does Caleb Sargent often call Marguerite in the beginning of the novel?

3. What is a skiff?

4. To where were Marguerite, her uncle, and her grandmother planning to go when they left France?

5. Where are Aunt Hespa's family from?

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