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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1: Summer.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Marguerite only use French when she is alone?
(a) The Sargents do not approve of her use of the foreign tongue.
(b) She wants to keep it private, only for herself.
(c) The Sargents cannot understand, therefore she is trying to be polite.
(d) She wants to surprise the Sargents by teaching the language to the children.

2. In Aunt Hespa's song, what happens to the young woman's lover?
(a) He was murdered by theives.
(b) He died at sea.
(c) He froze to death working in the fields of his farm.
(d) He froze to death while traveling to get his bride a nice wedding dress.

3. What does Dolly Sargent use to nurse her baby on the ship?
(a) A wooden cup.
(b) A hollowed out gourd filled with milk.
(c) A rubber glove.
(d) Cleaned pig intestines.

4. Who is Jerusha?
(a) A corncob doll.
(b) Dolly's sister.
(c) Joel's mother.
(d) A sheep.

5. Who plays the fiddle during Marguerite's visit at Aunt Hespa's?
(a) Ira Sargent.
(b) Ethan Jordan.
(c) Joel Sargent.
(d) Seth Jordan.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is one of the reasons Joel Sargent gives for deciding to sell all he owns to buy this new farm?

2. What is Marguerite untangling as the novel begins?

3. What does Aunt Hespa boil in milk to help cure health complaints?

4. Who is Seth Jordan?

5. When Marguerite is awoken by the storm, what is the first thing she does?

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