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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2: Fall.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Marguerite decide Indians must not be so bad as they travel through Penobscot Bay?
(a) A Baron of France married one.
(b) One saved a French explorer.
(c) They often live with the French.
(d) They come from French Canada.

2. What is a bound-out girl?
(a) A girl who travels with families in need.
(b) A girl who runs errands for a family.
(c) A girl who is sent to boarding school.
(d) A girl who works as a servant in exchange for room and board.

3. In Aunt Hespa's song, what is the dress the young woman wanted to make her dress out of?
(a) Cashmere.
(b) Spun cotton.
(c) Silk.
(d) Sprigged calico.

4. What item of clothing does Aunt Hespa give to Marguerite at the end of part 2?
(a) A new dress.
(b) Cotton underclothing.
(c) Boots.
(d) Stockings.

5. Who rescues Marguerite out of the water after she rescues the cow and calf?
(a) Dolly Sargent.
(b) Caleb Sargent.
(c) Joel Sargent.
(d) Ira Sargent.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Champlain?

2. What does Marguerite point out in the night sky to the children?

3. Where does young Jacob sit while eating his midday meal?

4. In part 2, Marguerite stumbles on a cave and finds a pile of bones near a cold fire. What else does she find?

5. What is still left to be done in the Sargents' house after the Raising is done?

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