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Lesson 1 (from Part 1: Summer)


Part 1: Summer

This first section of the book introduces the main characters of the novel. The objective of this lesson will focus on character.


1) Class Discussion: Discuss the characters that have been introduced in the opening pages of this novel. Discuss any character traits already revealed, any differences in character, and any potential conflicts that might arise as the plot begins to develop.

2) Conflict: Ask the students to discuss in a group or with a partner the conflict that already appears between Marguerite and Caleb Sargent. Discuss the nature of this conflict, the history in the setting that has contributed to this conflict, and how it foreshadows tension in the plot. Students should write a report or prepare a presentation based on their conclusions.

3) Group Work: Divide students into groups. Ask each group to create a character sketch of each character already introduced into the...

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