Calico Bush Character Descriptions

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Marguerite Ledoux

This character is orphaned almost immediately upon arriving in America. To provide for her support, this character is taken in by a family in need of a servant. With them, this character settles on Indian land that is thought to be cursed.

Dolly Sargent

This character is tough on the outside, appears harsh to the children and other members of the family. However, when this character is told to burn the baby's fingers to keep it from playing with fire, this character refuses, leading to tragic consequences.

Joel Sargent

This character sells everything to buy a new farm on the unsettled coast of Maine, sight unseen. This character stubbornly remains on the new land even when told the Indians have raided it several times and burned down the original farmhouse.

Ira Sargent

This character is young and unmarried. This character has traveled to the unsettled coast...

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