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Part 1: Summer

• Marguerite Ledoux is a young French girl who was orphaned almost immediately upon arriving in America.

• Marguerite has been taken into the Sargent family as a servant in exchange for her food and board.
• Joel Sargent has sold all he owns to buy a farm on the coast of Maine.

• The Sargent family, which includes Joel and his wife Dolly, six children, Joel's brother Ira, and Marguerite, are sailing to their new farm on a ship.
• The ship sails into a storm.

• Marguerite wakes during the storm and goes on board to help control the animals with the oldest Sargent child, Caleb.
• The ship, which lost many supplies in the storm, sets anchor off the coast of Falmouth to resupply.

• The children and Marguerite go ashore to pick fresh strawberries.
• Marguerite and the children run into a man who tells them about Indians spotted in the...

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