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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To whom has Roy grown close?
(a) Rosie.
(b) The Traffords.
(c) Amy.
(d) William.

2. With what motif is William's old room decorated?
(a) Religious.
(b) Sports.
(c) No particular motif.
(d) Literature.

3. Why does Hillier seems suspicious at the Saturday afternoon parties?
(a) Because Rosie and William call each other pet names.
(b) No particular reason.
(c) Because Rosie and William laugh at nothing.
(d) Because Rosie and William exchange secret looks.

4. Why does William say Ted would not have taken Rosie back?
(a) Ted would always wonder if she would leave again and it would harm his artitic life.
(b) Ted would feel cuckolded.
(c) Ted would be afraid he would not measure up to Kemp.
(d) Ted's strong feelings had passed.

5. What does William sense about Ted's affect?
(a) He is growing aloof.
(b) He is unhappy.
(c) He is becoming surly.
(d) He is in love.

6. What does Isabel say Rosie looks like in the painting of her?
(a) A vengeful goddess.
(b) A river sprite.
(c) Eve in the garden.
(d) A sacrificial heifer.

7. What is Quentin Forde most interested in at the Driffields' parties?
(a) Rosie's beauty.
(b) Coming to the attention of Isabel Trafford.
(c) Talking to Ted about plots.
(d) Talking to Jasper Gibbons.

8. Who does Rosie say is always the perfect gentleman?
(a) William.
(b) Kear.
(c) Ted.
(d) Kemp.

9. Where does Rosie take William?
(a) To join a whist game.
(b) To the horse track.
(c) To meet her daughter.
(d) To see Ted.

10. What does Rosie read a lot of?
(a) She is not much of a reader.
(b) Histories of queens and mistresses of royal personages.
(c) Romance novels.
(d) Poetry.

11. What does William do all day while living at Vincent Square?
(a) Lecture to students.
(b) Sleep.
(c) Work at the hospital.
(d) Write.

12. Why does Amy think it good that Rosie leaves Ted?
(a) She drained Ted's ability to write.
(b) She drained Ted's finances.
(c) She was probably diseased.
(d) Ted would not have been great otherwise.

13. How does Isabel respond to Ted's marriage?
(a) She hates him for it.
(b) She hopes he will now be able to write more.
(c) She is upset.
(d) She is happy for him.

14. Who is Mrs. Hudson?
(a) A friend of his aunt and uncle.
(b) The next-door neighbor where Williams lives.
(c) William's first landlady.
(d) A friend of Ted and Rosie.

15. What portrait is there that shows a work of Hillier?
(a) Hillier's portrait of Ted.
(b) Hillier's portrait of Rosie.
(c) Hillier's Ted and Rosie's little girl.
(d) Hillier's of Ted and Rosie together.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does William once describe Rosie?

2. Where does William meet Rosie one day?

3. What does William think should be abolished?

4. Who does William meet through the Driffields?

5. What do Roy and Amy deplore?

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