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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does William discover that surprises him?
(a) That Rosie if pregnant.
(b) That Ted is the author of 20 books and on the brink of discovery.
(c) That Roy is the same age as William and has already published several books.
(d) That Ted and Rosie are not actually married legally.

2. What does William notice about Amy?
(a) She is submissive to men.
(b) She is a bit churlish.
(c) She is good at getting her own way.
(d) She is quite pretty.

3. What does William do in the evenings while living at Vincent Square?
(a) Studies his medical material.
(b) Reads to improve his mind.
(c) Socializes at the gentleman's club.
(d) Goes to the races with the Driffields.

4. What does Mrs. Hudson laugh at?
(a) She does not laugh and is a somewhat dour woman.
(b) All the things that she has seen and heard.
(c) William's silly jokes.
(d) The bills Parliament passes these days.

5. What is the Bear and Key where William stays like?
(a) Clean but sparsely furnished.
(b) Newly remodeled and elegant.
(c) Grubby and unchanged.
(d) In a total state of disrepair.

6. How does William once describe Rosie?
(a) Virginal and enchanting.
(b) Seductive.
(c) Maligned unjustly.
(d) Knowledgeable in the ways of the world.

7. Why does Hillier seems suspicious at the Saturday afternoon parties?
(a) Because Rosie and William laugh at nothing.
(b) No particular reason.
(c) Because Rosie and William call each other pet names.
(d) Because Rosie and William exchange secret looks.

8. What do William and Rosie do for the next year or more?
(a) Write poetry together.
(b) Stop in his rooms whenever they go out together.
(c) Sing duets together.
(d) Write a play together.

9. What does Rosie do as Ted writes at night?
(a) Paints.
(b) Sews.
(c) Goes out with her friends.
(d) Sculpts.

10. Where do Roy and William meet?
(a) Near Big Ben.
(b) Victoria Station.
(c) Straford-on-Avon.
(d) Trafalger Square.

11. What does William look forward to writing?
(a) Political essays.
(b) Books and plays.
(c) Nothing; he is tired of writing.
(d) Poetry.

12. What surprises Rose about Ted's death?
(a) That he had remarried.
(b) That he doesn't die in Blakestable as he always wanted to do.
(c) How much fuss the press makes.
(d) How old he was.

13. Who did Rosie think Ted would marry rather than Amy?
(a) Isabel.
(b) His first girlfriend with whom he has a son.
(c) Mary-Ann.
(d) No one.

14. What is Amy sure that Ted did not know?
(a) That Rosie talked badly about Ted behind his back.
(b) That Rosie had been married twice before meeting Ted.
(c) About Rosie's affairs.
(d) About Ted's brother taking all the money from his parents' estate.

15. Who does William meet through the Driffields?
(a) Lord George.
(b) Roy Kear.
(c) Creative people.
(d) His future wife.

Short Answer Questions

1. What makes William weak in the knees?

2. Who is Mrs. Hudson?

3. What does William say about Rosie's heart?

4. How does Isabel respond to Ted's marriage?

5. What does William sense about Ted's affect?

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