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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Isabel work tirelessly for after Rosie leaves Ted?
(a) To have Ted forget Rosie.
(b) To find Ted a new wife.
(c) To increase Ted's reputation.
(d) To help Ted get emotionally balanced and back to writing.

2. Who did Rosie think Ted would marry rather than Amy?
(a) His first girlfriend with whom he has a son.
(b) Isabel.
(c) No one.
(d) Mary-Ann.

3. Where do William and Rosie often go?
(a) The symphony.
(b) The opera.
(c) To other friends's homes for whist.
(d) Music halls or theaters.

4. What does William do in the evenings while living at Vincent Square?
(a) Reads to improve his mind.
(b) Studies his medical material.
(c) Goes to the races with the Driffields.
(d) Socializes at the gentleman's club.

5. What is one thing that has not changed about Rosie when William sees her late in her life?
(a) Her concern for others.
(b) Her good figure.
(c) Her child-like and mischievous smile.
(d) Her deepset, sparkling eyes.

6. Who visits Ted and Amy's house while William is there?
(a) Two Italians.
(b) A Russian.
(c) Two Germans.
(d) Two Americans.

7. What does William sense about Ted's affect?
(a) He is becoming surly.
(b) He is in love.
(c) He is growing aloof.
(d) He is unhappy.

8. What does Ted publish?
(a) The Life's Cup.
(b) The Cup of Life.
(c) The Life of Chasing the Grail.
(d) The Cup is Full.

9. What does William learn from Newton one day?
(a) That Ted is dying.
(b) That Ted has a mistress.
(c) That Rosie has left Ted for Kemp.
(d) That Rosie is dead.

10. Where does money come from to Mrs. Grann?
(a) New York.
(b) New Orleans.
(c) Boston.
(d) Washington, D.C.

11. Who calls Rosie a nymphomaniac?
(a) Roy.
(b) Rosie.
(c) Isabel.
(d) Amy.

12. To what do the Driffields invite William?
(a) To share thier box at the horse track.
(b) To some friends's home for tea.
(c) To their regular Saturday afternoon gatherings.
(d) To a book reading.

13. What does Ted's study smell like?
(a) The cigars he used to smoke.
(b) The scent of flowers as Amy keeps several bouquets in it.
(c) A musty museum.
(d) The pipe he used to smoke.

14. What makes William weak in the knees?
(a) Nothing; he has learned to control his emotions now.
(b) Seeing a new guest at the party who is beautiful.
(c) Seeing Rosie assume a pose by a canvas of a painting of her.
(d) Rosie kissing him on the cheek.

15. What happens to Kemp's business deal?
(a) It falls through and a warrant is issued for Kemp.
(b) It is thriving.
(c) He ends all business deals.
(d) It is just in its infancy.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do William and Rosie do for the next year or more?

2. What does Mrs. Hudson laugh at?

3. What does William do all day while living at Vincent Square?

4. What do Roy and Amy deplore?

5. What does the Bear and Key rent William?

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