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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where do William and Rosie often go?
(a) The opera.
(b) The symphony.
(c) Music halls or theaters.
(d) To other friends's homes for whist.

2. How does William once describe Rosie?
(a) Virginal and enchanting.
(b) Seductive.
(c) Knowledgeable in the ways of the world.
(d) Maligned unjustly.

3. With what motif is William's old room decorated?
(a) Literature.
(b) No particular motif.
(c) Sports.
(d) Religious.

4. What does William know that Roy and Amy do not?
(a) Rosie is still alive.
(b) Both Rosie and Kemp are still alive.
(c) Ted had a daughter from an affair before Rosie who is alive.
(d) Ted had a son from an affair before Rosie who is alive.

5. How does Rosie keep in touch with Blackstable?
(a) Through Mrs. Ashenben.
(b) Through the curate.
(c) Through biweekly visits to her mother in Haversham.
(d) Through Mary-Ann.

6. What does Ted seem to be doing?
(a) Getting ready to divorce Rosie.
(b) Getting ready to snatch a piece of fame.
(c) William has no sense about it.
(d) Broadening his horizons.

7. Why does Amy think it good that Rosie leaves Ted?
(a) Ted would not have been great otherwise.
(b) She drained Ted's ability to write.
(c) She was probably diseased.
(d) She drained Ted's finances.

8. What did Isabel work tirelessly for after Rosie leaves Ted?
(a) To increase Ted's reputation.
(b) To find Ted a new wife.
(c) To help Ted get emotionally balanced and back to writing.
(d) To have Ted forget Rosie.

9. In what type of neighborhood do the Driffields reside?
(a) One that had once been respectable but has declined.
(b) An upper middle class, neat and well kept one.
(c) A lower working-class one that is loud and smelly.
(d) One that is on the edge of the homes of the peerage.

10. What happens between Ted and his nurse?
(a) She ends up introducing him to his next wife.
(b) She ends up suing him.
(c) They marry.
(d) They collaborate on a new book.

11. Who is Mrs. Hudson?
(a) The next-door neighbor where Williams lives.
(b) A friend of his aunt and uncle.
(c) A friend of Ted and Rosie.
(d) William's first landlady.

12. What does Rosie do instead of talking a lot?
(a) Gets others to talk about themselves.
(b) Sings.
(c) Reads out loud interesting bits of information.
(d) Includes her companions in "persuasive well-being."

13. What does Ted publish?
(a) The Life of Chasing the Grail.
(b) The Cup is Full.
(c) The Cup of Life.
(d) The Life's Cup.

14. What does William do in the evenings while living at Vincent Square?
(a) Socializes at the gentleman's club.
(b) Reads to improve his mind.
(c) Studies his medical material.
(d) Goes to the races with the Driffields.

15. What does William sense about Ted's affect?
(a) He is becoming surly.
(b) He is in love.
(c) He is unhappy.
(d) He is growing aloof.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the Bear and Key rent William?

2. What does Isabel say Rosie looks like in the painting of her?

3. Why does Rosie rarely attend luncheons and teas?

4. What does Roy write for Isabel?

5. Where does Rosie live?

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