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Short Answer Questions

1. Only two people knew the Caine's mission. Who were they?

2. What does the Navy find during Willie's physical?

3. When the Caine is finally ready to go out in open waters with its new captain, what book does Captain Queeg bring with him to the bridge?

4. How much money does Mrs. Keith give the chief?

5. What subject does Willie's roommate teach in school?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happened to Roland Keefer's ship?

2. What is Keefer's testimony like?

3. Challee asks Willie for specific examples of Queeg's odd behavior. Name some.

4. What does Willie find in the mail at Pearl?

5. What reason does Keefer give to explain Queeg's obsession with the strawberries?

6. What are the two bottles of champagne referenced in the title of Chapter 17?

7. What is Willie's role in Stilwell's court martial?

8. How does the New Jersey compare to the Caine?

9. At the very end of Chapter 21, Paynter brings what sort of report to Queeg?

10. What explanation does Queeg give his superiors for losing the target?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Willie and May's relationship is quite complicated. What are some of the many complex facets to their relationship? Why does Willie think he can't marry her? Why does he have such a hard time making up his mind about what to do? Use examples from the book to support your reasoning.

Essay Topic 2

In the beginning, Willie seems to think that Queeg is going to be a great change from Captain de Vriess. Why does he think that? At what point do you think Willie begins to realize his first impression may not have been accurate? Why does he grow to hate Queeg? At what point does he realize he has more respect for de Vriess than Queeg? Use examples from the book to support your position.

Essay Topic 3

While there is a war going on, the men of the Caine are caught up in their own conflict. Discuss how the smallness of their perspective seems to develop and how they lose sight of the bigger picture. How do you think men on other ships deal with the monotony of life at sea?

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