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Short Answer Questions

1. When Maryk asks Keefer to go with him to see the medical officer of the Pluto, how does Keefer respond?

2. How many hours is Keith left sitting in the Navy doctor's office?

3. What does Keith have to do to retrieve his gun's spring?

4. Queeg insists the men will not dehydrate because they will get enough water from what?

5. Instead of Queeg, who gets reassigned from the Caine?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Captain White like?

2. Describe the scene the day after Queeg restricts everyone's water use.

3. Why does Willie not take his relationship with May Wynn seriously?

4. What amenities does the destroyer have that the Caine does not?

5. What explanation does Queeg give his superiors for losing the target?

6. What makes the members of the board change facial expression during the trial?

7. What is May doing when Willie gets back from the war?

8. Why won't Queeg let Keefer leave the Caine to go visit his brother?

9. Why does Queeg reprimand Willie about the typhoon?

10. Why does the author use the title "Through the Looking Glass" for Chapter 1?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare and contrast the differences and similarities between Maryk and Queeg. How will these similarities and differences continue to affect the novel? Use examples from the book to support your theory.

Essay Topic 2

The main character of "The Caine Mutiny", Willie Keith, undergoes great personal transformation in the novel. Trace his growth through the novel and how he changed as a person.

Essay Topic 3

Through Tom Keefer's literary allusions in Chapter 9 and Willie's visit to the Moulton in Chapter 10, we begin to see Willie struggle with appearances versus reality. Why does Willie struggle with the fact that things are not always what they seem? How do you think growing up privileged has influenced the way he makes judgments? Do his first impressions get him into trouble? By the end of the novel, has his perspective changed? What leads to the change?

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