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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the luxurious destroyer that the Caine is secured to?

2. In Chapter 21, where does the Caine receive orders to go?

3. What is the title of Tom Keefer's book?

4. What is the location of Ulithi Atoll where the Caine is sent in Chapter 25?

5. Instead of Queeg, who gets reassigned from the Caine?

Short Essay Questions

1. When and where does Greenwald first meet Maryk?

2. In Chapter 3 Willie says, "Do you suppose that some higher power doesn't want me in the Navy?" Why do you think he says this?

3. What does Willie write in the love letter for which Chapter 39 is named?

4. What is Keefer's testimony like?

5. What is Willie's first impression of the USS Caine?

6. How were the two attorneys different during closing arguments?

7. Describe the scene the day after Queeg restricts everyone's water use.

8. What are the two bottles of champagne referenced in the title of Chapter 17?

9. What does Queeg do to insure that the men do not pass keys to friends on the Harte?

10. How does Queeg determine that the strawberries are missing?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Through Tom Keefer's literary allusions in Chapter 9 and Willie's visit to the Moulton in Chapter 10, we begin to see Willie struggle with appearances versus reality. Why does Willie struggle with the fact that things are not always what they seem? How do you think growing up privileged has influenced the way he makes judgments? Do his first impressions get him into trouble? By the end of the novel, has his perspective changed? What leads to the change?

Essay Topic 2

Trouble seems to follow Willie Keith wherever he goes. What does he do to get himself in trouble, or is it just bad luck and timing? How is this character established by the author in the first chapters?

Essay Topic 3

Symbolism is widely used in Chapters 7 and 8. Discuss some of the ways that the author conveys how lowly the ship is in the grand scheme of the Navy. How does he explain to the reader the condition of the ship and crew? Use examples from the book to support your position.

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