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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After Keefer jumps, what does Willie do?
(a) He stays aboard and gets the fire under control.
(b) He yells overboard at Keefer and tries to fish him back aboard.
(c) He relieves the captain of his duties under Article 184.
(d) He retires to his room and writes a letter to May.

2. How does Queeg look when Barney calls him to the stand?
(a) Small and haughty.
(b) Tired and aged.
(c) Debonair and self-assured.
(d) Shifty and disheveled.

3. What does Greenwald keep drawing on his legal pad?
(a) Gorillas.
(b) Pigs.
(c) Snakes.
(d) Sharks.

4. According to Queeg, what happened in Barzun in 1937?
(a) The captain's log was stolen.
(b) An entire cake went missing.
(c) Five pounds of cheese disappeared.
(d) 50 fried chickens disappeared.

5. The boats are trying to refuel while the waves are how tall?
(a) As tall as pine trees.
(b) As tall as a two story house.
(c) As tall as the battleships they were traveling with.
(d) As tall as apartment houses.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Willie's testimony, how did he know Queeg was terrified during the typhoon?

2. Whom does the nickname "Old Swandive" refer to?

3. When was Queeg first examined by a psychiatrist?

4. What was Captain Breakstone's dream?

5. Who is the last Captain of the Caine?

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