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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What question causes the court to be cleared during Queeg's testimony?
(a) "Did Maryk disobey a direct order to ballast the tanks?"
(b) "Did Stilwell and Keith have an inappropriate relationship?"
(c) "Did you illegally obtain liquor and bring it to the states?"
(d) "Did you ever steam over your own towline and cut it?"

2. Who expects to prove Maryk guilty?
(a) Captain Blakely.
(b) Lieutenant Commander Challee.
(c) Captain Breakstone.
(d) Lieutenant Greenwald.

3. Who is the grand historical figure in Willie's life?
(a) Queeg.
(b) Mussolini.
(c) Hitler.
(d) Tojo.

4. The book describes Willie's home as being the same except for what?
(a) The smell of his dad's cigars.
(b) His dad's office was no longer there.
(c) The lawn was not as well kept.
(d) His room had been redecorated.

5. Whose wife keeps having dreams about typhoons?
(a) Stilwell's.
(b) Harding's.
(c) Maryk's.
(d) Meatloaf's.

6. What was the result of Queeg's action in the Barzun incident?
(a) He received a letter of commendation.
(b) He was docked $10 of pay.
(c) He was made mess treasurer.
(d) He received an unsatisfactory fitness report.

7. How does Willie feel when he reads that he's being recommended for a court martial?
(a) He feels like he's reading a doctor's report that he's dying.
(b) He feels like a worker who has just been fired.
(c) He feels like he did when his father died.
(d) He feels like May just broke up with him.

8. In Chapter 26, whose old roommate secures a special treat for the men of the Caine?
(a) Jorgensen's.
(b) Jellybelly's.
(c) Keith's.
(d) Queeg's.

9. Who is convinced that a duplicate key has been made, and that is how the crime took place?
(a) Whittaker.
(b) Keefer.
(c) Queeg.
(d) Maryk.

10. When Barney asks about the day of the typhoon, how does Queeg react?
(a) He refuses to answer any of the questions.
(b) He pulls out a cigarette.
(c) He pulls the steel balls out of his pocket.
(d) He gets indignant and asks for redirection.

11. Who is Captain Randolph P. Southard?
(a) He is a psychiatrist.
(b) He is Stilwell's doctor.
(c) He is a fellow DMS captain.
(d) He is an expert witness on ship handling.

12. Maryk testifies that he had the authority to relieve Captain Queeg according to which three articles?
(a) Articles 184, 224, 336.
(b) Articles 1, 2, 3.
(c) Articles 184, 185, 186.
(d) Articles 2, 4, 6.

13. Why can't the Caine join the rest of the sweepers for the surrender ceremonies?
(a) It is docked in Pearl Harbor.
(b) Its rudder is broken.
(c) It has been junked in Okinawa.
(d) Its boiler pumps are broken.

14. Who states that Queeg's problem is an obsessive personality?
(a) Keith.
(b) Dr. Bird.
(c) Dr. Lundeen.
(d) Maryk.

15. What is Barney's specialty outside of the Navy?
(a) Union cases.
(b) Indian cases.
(c) Bankruptcy law.
(d) Criminal law.

Short Answer Questions

1. After Keefer jumps, what does Willie do?

2. The boats are trying to refuel while the waves are how tall?

3. Why does Queeg think that Willie hates him?

4. What is Willie doing when he hears the news of Japan's surrender?

5. What reason does Willie give for Stilwell's mental collapse?

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