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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the last Captain of the Caine?
(a) Tom Keefer.
(b) Willie Keith.
(c) Captain White.
(d) Captain Queeg.

2. What is Willie doing when he hears the news of Japan's surrender?
(a) He is eating.
(b) He is reading.
(c) He is on the bridge.
(d) He is meeting with the officers.

3. During the storm, how many days do the sailors go without hot food?
(a) Three days.
(b) Two days.
(c) The storm doesn't affect the kitchen.
(d) One day.

4. From which book does this quote come? "Life is a dream, a little more coherent than most."
(a) Nietze's "Beyond Good and Evil."
(b) Pascal's "Pensees."
(c) Voltaire's "Socrates."
(d) "The Republic" by Plato.

5. According to Willie's testimony, how did he know Queeg was terrified during the typhoon?
(a) His face was green and petrified with terror.
(b) He kept yelling orders.
(c) He left his post on the bridge.
(d) He curled up and started screaming.

6. Challee contrasts whose years of service with Queeg's?
(a) Greenwald's.
(b) Willie's.
(c) De Vriess'.
(d) Stilwell's.

7. The boats are trying to refuel while the waves are how tall?
(a) As tall as pine trees.
(b) As tall as apartment houses.
(c) As tall as a two story house.
(d) As tall as the battleships they were traveling with.

8. Who is Captain Randolph P. Southard?
(a) He is an expert witness on ship handling.
(b) He is Stilwell's doctor.
(c) He is a fellow DMS captain.
(d) He is a psychiatrist.

9. What does Keefer do after the Kamikaze attack?
(a) He commands over the P.A. system from the bridge.
(b) He retires to his room and works on his novel.
(c) He goes to the wardroom and gets something to eat.
(d) He oversees the firefighting.

10. What does Barney get Dr. Lundeen to admit is the problem with Queeg?
(a) A lack of forethought.
(b) A difficult situation at home.
(c) A paranoid personality.
(d) A mental illness.

11. Which potential witness is left in a vegetative state after shock therapy?
(a) Stilwell.
(b) Keith.
(c) Queeg.
(d) Jellybelly.

12. When Queeg freezes up, what does he cling to?
(a) The wheel.
(b) His bunk.
(c) The crow's nest.
(d) The telegraph stand.

13. When Barney asks about the day of the typhoon, how does Queeg react?
(a) He pulls the steel balls out of his pocket.
(b) He refuses to answer any of the questions.
(c) He gets indignant and asks for redirection.
(d) He pulls out a cigarette.

14. Who states that Queeg's problem is an obsessive personality?
(a) Dr. Bird.
(b) Dr. Lundeen.
(c) Keith.
(d) Maryk.

15. Halsey's ship has what that is as big as the Caine's main guns?
(a) Deck guns.
(b) A pelican hook.
(c) An anchor.
(d) A masthead.

Short Answer Questions

1. How much did Greenwald make four years out of law school?

2. How does Maryk know that Admiral Halsey is anchored near the Caine?

3. According to Queeg, what happened in Barzun in 1937?

4. How many men does the Caine pull from the wreckage of the George Black?

5. Who joined Willie and his mother for dinner at Twenty-one?

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