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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. We find out in Chapter 11 that Captain de Vriess reads only what type of book?
(a) Navy procedures.
(b) Mysteries.
(c) Classic literature.
(d) He doesn't read.

2. How long does the launching on the Caine take?
(a) 1 hour and 32 minutes.
(b) 2 hours.
(c) 45 minutes.
(d) 25 minutes.

3. Who disagrees with Queeg's handling of the attack of the Stanfield?
(a) Stilwell.
(b) Willie.
(c) Harding.
(d) Keefer.

4. In Chapter 16, Willie surprises himself by speaking highly of whom?
(a) Captain Queeg.
(b) Keefer.
(c) Admiral Raymond.
(d) Captain De Vriess.

5. In Chapter 24, Queeg restricts what for six months?
(a) Movies.
(b) Ice cream.
(c) Coffee.
(d) Sleep.

6. What is the name of the officer who reprimands Captain Queeg?
(a) Captain Mercy.
(b) Captain Hope.
(c) Captain Faith.
(d) Captain Grace.

7. What does Keith have to do to retrieve his gun's spring?
(a) Carefully extricate it from Keefer's ear.
(b) Squeeze underneath his bed.
(c) Stack furniture on his bed and reach the ceiling.
(d) Climb out the open window.

8. How many hours into the water restriction does Maryk ask Queeg to lift the suspension?
(a) 36 hours.
(b) 12 hours.
(c) 48 hours.
(d) 24 hours.

9. May Wynn auditions by singing a song by which composer?
(a) Brahms.
(b) Bach.
(c) Schubert.
(d) Mozart.

10. At the end of Chapter 23, Maryk is in his bunk reading what book?
(a) "Mental Disorders."
(b) "The Navy Code of Health."
(c) "How To Know Your Captain Is Crazy."
(d) "The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Illness."

11. How long does Willie eavesdrop on the Marines over the short-wave radio?
(a) 2 hours.
(b) 30 minutes.
(c) 4 hours.
(d) 1 hour.

12. Which of the new officers aboard the Caine is only in the Navy because his mother owns a Boston shipyard?
(a) Ducely.
(b) Grace.
(c) Rabbitt.
(d) Jorgensen.

13. Who aboard the Caine adopts a huge crab?
(a) Keefer.
(b) Stilwell.
(c) Whittaker.
(d) Paynter.

14. Where did Willie attend college?
(a) Harvard.
(b) Princeton.
(c) Cornell.
(d) Yale.

15. What does the Navy find during Willie's physical?
(a) Flat arches.
(b) Scoliosis.
(c) Arthritis.
(d) Lordosis.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which game do Willie and Keggs play aboard the Moulton?

2. Queeg stays in his cabin only eating what?

3. At dinner, May wants to discuss a book that Willie has never read before? Which book?

4. What is the title of Tom Keefer's book?

5. How does Roland Keefer die?

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