The Caine Mutiny Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why does the author use the title "Through the Looking Glass" for Chapter 1?

In Chapter 1, the author compares Willie Keith to Alice in Wonderland. The navy and all of its strange rules and regulations are completely foreign to him, but he seems to enter the strange new world with wonder and openness.

2. Why does Willie not take his relationship with May Wynn seriously?

Willie doesn't take his relationship with May Wynn seriously because she is of Italian descent and comes from a poor immigrant family. Willie knows that the difference in their class will create problems, so he feels that the relationship can never be serious.

3. In Chapter 3 Willie says, "Do you suppose that some higher power doesn't want me in the Navy?" Why do you think he says this?

Willie wonders if some higher power doesn't want him in the Navy because he keeps getting into trouble without much effort. No matter what he does, trouble just seems to find him.

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