The Caine Mutiny Character Descriptions

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Everett Harold Black - See Horrible

Captain De Vriess - This character is the first commander of the USS Caine and appears rather bedraggled.

Ducely - This character's mother owns a shipyard on the east coast.

Walter Feather - This character is still married, yet dating another character.

Bill Gorton - This is a very large person who is naked when first appearing as the Chief Executive Officer of the Caine.

Barney Greenwald - This character is the lawyer who defends the USS Caine's executive officer at court-martial trial.

Harding - This character throws up in a hat after climbing the crow's nest on the Caine.

Horrible - This character becomes a casualty aboard the ship when killed during the kamikaze attack.

Roland Keefer - See Rollo

Tom Keefer - This person puts minimal effort into work aboard the ship but maximum effort into writing a...

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