The Caine Mutiny Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter 1, "Through the Looking Glass" | Chapter 2, "May Wynn"

• Willie Keith enters Navy midshipmen's school at Columbia in order to avoid the Army.

• At his entry physical, it is discovered that he has a hollow back (lordosis).

• Willie has 2 roommates, Keefer and Keggs.

• Because of a very high draft number, Willie spends the first year of World War II playing in cocktail lounges.

• He is instantly attracted to May Wynn, who auditions at his club by singing Mozart.

• They begin a casual dating relationship. Things can never become serious since May Wynn is from a poor immigrant family.

Chapter 3, "Midshipman Keith" | Chapter 4, "Midshipman Keith in Trouble"

• Willie goes in for his second physical and is left in the exam room for eight hours.

• It seems as though the doctor is embarrassed and passes Willie.

• When Willie gets back to his room...

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