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Roman Forum - This is the center of all public life, and is a large open space surrounded by buildings devoted to politics, law, religion, and business.

Gold of Tolosa - This consists of more than 50,000 pieces that were taken when Servilia's grandfather, Caepio the Elder, raided a city.

Italian Gaul - Caesar requests the pro-consulship of this, and is the territory he sets out to conquer at the end of the book.

Plebeian - These have more legislative power, but are considered socially inferior.

Patrician - This refers to the original Roman aristocracy.

Senate - This is a governing body that controls the Treasury and the money of Rome.

Plebeian Assembly - This refers to a gathering of the Roman citizens to conduct governmental and legal affairs.

Popular Assembly - This group elects the magistrates known as curule aediles and the quaestors.

Centuriate Assembly - This...

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