Caesar's Women Character Descriptions

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Gaius Julius Caesar - This person is intelligent, charming, ruthless, and very disciplined with his emotions.

Servilia Caepionis - This person is a highly intelligent and ambitious Roman aristocrat who has been married twice.

Marcus Tullius Cicero - This person is a famous Roman writer, speaker and lawyer who buys expensive art.

Publius Clodius - This person is a wild, wealthy, and ambitious man who forms a revenge list.

Aurelia - This matriarch is the epitome of a Roman aristocrat: modest, respectable, and highly intelligent.

Marcus Porcius Cato - This person is a plebeian who strongly supports the old strict Roman customs and traditions.

Marcus Licinius Crassus - This person is an aristocrat and former military general who now engages in commercial activities and owns a lot of property.

Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus - This person is a successful military commander who has conquered more land for Rome...

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