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Part I June of 68 B.C.- March 66 B.C.: Chapter 1

• Caesar returns to Rome after being in Spain for 15 months serving with Governor Vetu.

• He makes friends with Balbus, a gifted banker. He teaches Caesar about finances, and Caesar uses this knowledge to make province budgets.

• Caesar is greeted at home by his daughter Juila, and his mother Aurelia, who is holding a party for the noblewomen.
• Servilia is there, and Caesar is drawn to her intelligence as they banter. Aurelia warns him of her known cruelty.

• Servilia meets with Caesar in private to set up an engagement between Julia and her son, Brutus. Caesar agrees to this, and he and Servilia make love.

• Aurelia knows of this tryst, and warns him to be careful of Servilia and her cruelty again.
• Caesar says he wants to be the First Man of Rome, and knows it will take...

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