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Marc Reisner
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At what swank resort outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico, did the negotiation of the Colorado River Compact take place?
(a) Mesa Verde Lodge.
(b) Bishop’s Lodge.
(c) Desert Oasis Hotel and Spa.
(d) Thirty Palms Resort.

2. What region is located in southeastern Southern California, and is the site of an urban area largely centered on the city of El Centro?
(a) Imperial Valley.
(b) The San Joaquin Valley.
(c) The Sacramento Valley.
(d) Silicon Valley.

3. The Grand Coulee is an ancient riverbed in what U.S. state?
(a) Arizona.
(b) Montana.
(c) Washington.
(d) Colorado.

4. For what organization was Marc Reisner a staff writer from 1972 to 1979?
(a) The Nature Conservancy.
(b) The World Wildlife Fund.
(c) The Natural Resources Defense Council.
(d) The Sierra Club.

5. Which states are touched by the Colorado River?
(a) Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and California.
(b) Idaho, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado.
(c) New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado.
(d) Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and California.

6. Who does the author refer to as “an egomaniacal small-time construction tycoon” in Chapter Four?
(a) W. A. Bechtel.
(b) James Marshall.
(c) Henry J. Kaiser.
(d) Wayne Wyatt.

7. From whom did Harrison Gray Otis purchase the Santa Barbara Press?
(a) Robert Caro.
(b) Barry Goldwater.
(c) C.W. Hollister.
(d) James Marshall.

8. The author states in Chapter Two, “Brigham Young dispatched a party of his most loyal disciples, in 1851 to follow whose old route to the coast?
(a) James Marshall’s.
(b) C.W. Hollister’s.
(c) Jedediah Smith’s.
(d) Henry J. Kaiser’s.

9. Almost all of the rain in Napa Valley falls between which months?
(a) March to July.
(b) August to December.
(c) May to September.
(d) November to March.

10. A letter is quoted in Chapter One from Francisco Vásquez de Coronado to whom?
(a) Franklin D. Roosevelt.
(b) Barry Goldwater.
(c) Lieutenant Joseph Christmas Ives.
(d) Viceroy Antonio de Mendoza.

11. What river is known as the River of No Return?
(a) The Salmon River.
(b) The Snake River.
(c) The Yellowstone River.
(d) The Owyhee River.

12. What was the population of San Francisco in 1851?
(a) 12,000.
(b) 35,000.
(c) 48,000.
(d) 27,000.

13. What is the state capital of Utah?
(a) Salt Lake City.
(b) Moab.
(c) Ogden.
(d) Provo.

14. Who wrote the authorized history titled Water for the West?
(a) Jim Wright.
(b) W. H. Wattis.
(c) Floyd Dominy.
(d) Michael Robinson.

15. Who did Charles Rockwood convince to join forces with him in irrigation, according to the author in Chapter Four?
(a) Michael Robinson.
(b) George Chaffey.
(c) N.H. Darton.
(d) Bill Warne.

Short Answer Questions

1. In 1848, what was the population of San Francisco?

2. The narrator states in Chapter Four that “If the Colorado River suddenly stopped flowing, you would have” how many “years of carryover capacity in the reservoirs before you had to evacuate most of southern California and Arizona and a good portion of Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming”?

3. Where was William Mulholland born?

4. According to the author in Chapter Three, regarding the Bureau of Reclamation, “The most auspicious event in its entire history was the election to the presidency in 1932 of a freewheeling, free-spending” what?

5. What was the population of Los Angeles when Harrison Gray Otis moved there?

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