Objects & Places from Caddie Woodlawn

Carol Ryrie Brink
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The Woodlawn Farm

This is in western Wisconsin on the prairie and is where much of the action in the book takes place.


This is Harriet's hometown and represents civility and modernity.


John leaves here and has no desire to return because he says there is no freedom for a man to become what he wants.

Indian John's Camp

Caddie and her older brothers like to visit this even though other settlers are nervous about its close proximity.

The River

Caddie, Warren, and Tom spend a lot of time here, even though Warren and Caddie can't swim.


This is the small town where the children attend school and the family shops for some of its supplies.

The Dunnville School

Caddie, Warren, Tom, and Hetty attend this in the winter and summer months.

Chimney Bluffs

Caddie, Warren, and Tom like to go here to pick berries...

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