Caddie Woodlawn Fun Activities

Carol Ryrie Brink
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This book was written with the help of journals kept by the author's grandmother. Have the students keep a personal journal for the duration of this book. Challenge them to continue with this journal after the class is over.

Parenting Methods

Johnny Woodlawn chose an interesting way to raise Caddie, which accounts for her free and easy spirit. Have the students write creative descriptions of how Caddie would have ended up had her parents chosen other methods of parenting.


Split the class into groups and have each group plan a way to play one of Edmund's pranks on some other classes or students. Have each group later write about why playing pranks was so appealing to Edmund.

Raft Races

Have the students make rafts of some sort and hold races like the one held between Caddie and Edmund. These can be miniature rafts and the races...

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