Caddie Woodlawn Character Descriptions

Carol Ryrie Brink
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Caddie Woodlawn

This character is a tomboy who loves to run wild with her brothers.

John Woodlawn

This character grew up poor, yet knows that he could have been an English nobleman had the class system not been so rigid.

Harriet Woodlawn

This character is from a fine Boston family. She gives up the life she loves in the modern city to move with her husband to the prairie.

Tom Woodlawn

This character is known for making up excellent stories.

Warren Woodlawn

This character is not the brightest boy, as demonstrated when he flubs up a simple recitation at school by accidentally reciting a silly version that his brother makes up.

Clara Woodlawn

This character prefers to stay home with her mother to sew, cook, and clean.

Hetty Woodlawn

This character is known as the family tattletale.

Minnie Woodlawn

This character is the youngest sister of the main...

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