Caddie Woodlawn Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Carol Ryrie Brink
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Chapter 1, The Three Adventurers

• Caddie, Warren, and Tom cross the river to visit the Indian Camp even though they can't swim.

• Hetty sees them and runs to tell their mother on them. Caddie's mother is nervous about the Indians but kind to them.

• The Indians like seeing the Woodlawn children and are fascinated by their red hair. Indian Joe is especially fond of Caddie.
• On the way home, they find a hazelnut bush and begin picking nuts to take home. Caddie stays later and fills her skirt with the nuts.

• When Caddie bursts in the room, she is shocked to see company, and she drops the nuts all over the floor.

Chapter 2, The Circuit Rider

• The dinner guest is Mr. Tanner, a circuit rider. He travels and gives sermons. He likes Harriet's Boston stories and cooking.

• Mr. Tanner asks why Caddie is allowed to run so free. Johnny...

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