Cache Lake Country: Life in the North Woods Test | Final Test - Medium

John J. Rowlands
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Jim, Chief Tibeash, and Hank made their summer trip by canoe to Lake Waweashkashing, which meant what?
(a) "Peace beneath the falls."
(b) "Mirror of the sky above."
(c) "A sandy shore all around."
(d) "A grassy place in the water."

2. Rice was considered an essential ration for what reason?
(a) It needed only to be boiled.
(b) It took little room and was light.
(c) It mixed well with many foods.
(d) It was among the healthiest.

3. Experienced sled dogs were said to work best when fed at what time of day?
(a) Just prior to a trip.
(b) The beginning.
(c) The end.
(d) The midday.

4. Pictures of what animals were noted to be about the most difficult to get?
(a) Owls.
(b) Hummingbirds.
(c) Jumping fish.
(d) Toads.

5. What was it Chief Tibeash suggested Hank's ice boat would be suitable for chasing when these animals crossed the lake?
(a) Deer.
(b) Foxes.
(c) Lynxes.
(d) Wolves.

Short Answer Questions

1. Striking two chunks of pyrite yielded sparks that could kindle a fire, and iron pyrite was commonly called what?

2. What did the beavers store in the mud beneath their ponds as food for the winter?

3. How much flour was recommended could be substituted per each loaf of bread taken for a week's venture?

4. It was noted that logging was not what it was 40 years ago when, a time when what were used?

5. It took both patience and time to tame a wild animal, so what was suggested?

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