Cache Lake Country: Life in the North Woods Test | Final Test - Medium

John J. Rowlands
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Three blasts on the horn made from that of a buffalo was suggested to signal what?
(a) Time to get up.
(b) Help was needed.
(c) Meet to fish on my lake.
(d) Pie was ready.

2. Some brilliant colors of male birds in June change to what by winter?
(a) They diminish somewhat in their colors.
(b) They do not even appear like the same bird.
(c) They become even more intense in splendor.
(d) They remain the same once they are fully grown.

3. What was Chief Tibeash searching for when he tested the water in a stream by periodically sticking his hand in?
(a) A murky stream.
(b) A sun sparkling pool.
(c) A cool pool.
(d) A spring hole.

4. It was said that mosquito netting was too course to keep out what?
(a) Fireflies.
(b) Black flies.
(c) Cockroaches.
(d) Beetles.

5. Pictures of what animals were noted to be about the most difficult to get?
(a) Hummingbirds.
(b) Owls.
(c) Jumping fish.
(d) Toads.

Short Answer Questions

1. Jim advised that Chief Tibeash instructed him wild animals relied on what 3 senses to protect themselves?

2. When Chief Tibeash planned a trip he would go and look at the grass just before he turned in at night for what reason?

3. Instead of the usual runners constructed of split ash, two old skis made of what wood were used for Tripper's sled?

4. Rice was considered an essential ration for what reason?

5. September days were described as often having been clear and feeling what?

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