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John J. Rowlands
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Conifers bear evergreen needles and cones, while deciduous shed leaves annually. Which 3 were called "deciduous conifer"?
(a) Balsam fir, eastern hemlock, and tamarack.
(b) Larch, western juniper, and black fir.
(c) Northern pine, balsam fir, and weeping willow.
(d) Tamarack, hackmatack, and black larch.

2. Benasee Jewan, the Indian term for September, meant what?
(a) "The Moon When the Birds Fly Away."
(b) "The Northern Lights Begin to Play."
(c) "The Leaves Change Color and Fall."
(d) "The Moon Before Snow Arrives."

3. The kerf of a tree was a reference to what?
(a) The first notch cut on the side it will fall.
(b) The first notch cut opposite of its lean.
(c) The second notch cut opposite of its lean.
(d) The second notch cut on the side it will fall.

4. When shoes began to chafe, what was suggested as a means to prevent the almost certain accompanying blister?
(a) Cover chafing point with a moist green leaf.
(b) Rub candle wax inside shoe where it chafes.
(c) Wear a pair of wool socks over a pair of cotton.
(d) Rub candle wax on sock where it chafes.

5. Chief Tibeash said the herring gulls in their region were apt to do what when a storm approached?
(a) Stay on the water or rocks.
(b) Stay out of the water.
(c) Stay in the trees.
(d) Dive for fish from the air.

Short Answer Questions

1. A pair of canoes were sometimes lashed together how far apart with saplings across the stern and forward thwarts?

2. It was noted that logging was not what it was 40 years ago when, a time when what were used?

3. How long was a side of bacon hung in the smokehouse?

4. An unpleasant smell that sometimes indicated the approach of nasty weather was the rainy, earthy odor noticed prior, especially where?

5. What was Chief Tibeash searching for when he tested the water in a stream by periodically sticking his hand in?

Short Essay Questions

1. How was the game of snow-snakes played?

2. Why did Jim view August as among the best times to travel?

3. What did Indians that left their summer lake sites generally take back with them to northern trapping grounds?

4. How did the Indians construct their stilts?

5. How did Jim describe the first time he went alone to try his horn of birch bark to call for moose?

6. What did Jim describe about tent options?

7. What did Jim note about the two young men who visited Hank by canoe?

8. What was it Jim noted about Hank's black and white pet?

9. Why did Jim observe June to have been a good family month in the woods?

10. What were some points Jim noted about photograph blinds?

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