Cache Lake Country: Life in the North Woods Test | Mid-Book Test - Medium

John J. Rowlands
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Describe the appearance of Chief Tibeash?
(a) Small, lean, and having tough, strong muscles.
(b) Large, stout, and having flabby, weak muscles.
(c) Tall, lean, and having tough, strong muscles.
(d) Medium, flacid, and having infirm, aged muscles.

2. Jim noted the snow that remained in May beneath a shaggy spruce behind his cabin reminded him of what?
(a) "A rocket launch with smoke gushing out beneath it."
(b) "A megaphone left behind by a college cheerleader."
(c) "A giant piece of chocolate and vanilla candy corn."
(d) "A dingy white collar on a man who needs a hair cut."

3. What was taught as the proper way to land a canoe ashore?
(a) Stern on.
(b) Broadside.
(c) Get out in the water to lift the bow ashore.
(d) Bow on.

4. In Chapter 5, Jim knew it would not be long after the ice broke up that what would happen?
(a) Beavers would begin working.
(b) The ducks would return.
(c) Lily pads would sprout.
(d) The geese would return.

5. What were noted as the keys to surviving in the wilderness, finding one's way about, and avoiding possible dangers?
(a) Always bring a compass and extra food.
(b) Learn from those before you and simply apply the lessons.
(c) Common sense and observing everything closely.
(d) Observing things closely and watching the sun.

Short Answer Questions

1. What Indian game was diagrammed and described that Chief Tibeash was a champion of as a boy, and shot stones and arrows?

2. Great horned mother owls have nested in late February with the young beneath the mother's wings and covered in what color fuzz?

3. What lightweight metal was recommended for use inside a leather axe sheath to protect it and the blade?

4. How did Chief Tibeash regard Hank?

5. Jim's grandfather, a seafaring man, frequently related that those who ventured out without what in their boats were foolish?

Short Essay Questions

1. What were recommendations about smoked cheese?

2. What did Jim stipulate was needed in the way of provisions during a camping trip?

3. What did snowshoe lameness result from?

4. Why was it noted suits of comfortable, heavy woolen lumberman's underwear frequently felt cold after they were washed?

5. What was it Jim observed about him and his comrades as they made their way in the March snow around Cache Lake?

6. What did Jim describe about tent options?

7. What did Jim begin to think about in February?

8. What did Jim and Chief Tibeash agree upon regarding food?

9. What were the things Jim noted about July?

10. What was it Jim noted about Hank's black and white pet?

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