Cache Lake Country: Life in the North Woods Test | Mid-Book Test - Medium

John J. Rowlands
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Beyond wire springs, a diagram of one way a leather camp bellows could be made indicated what might be used to keep them expanded?
(a) Elm.
(b) Walnut.
(c) Willow.
(d) Oak.

2. Mal de raquette was another term for what?
(a) Sprained ankle.
(b) Snow ski pain.
(c) Snowshoe lameness.
(d) Frostbite of the foot.

3. What was the term used when the early morning mist that hung over the lake was referred to?
(a) "Phantom fog."
(b) "Translucent silk."
(c) "Spiderweb."
(d) "Ghosts' breath."

4. Jim chose what site on Cache Lake for his cabin?
(a) A knoll.
(b) A meadow.
(c) An island.
(d) An inlet.

5. Jim constructed new furniture during the rainy season in April and provided a diagram to show how he built what?
(a) An oak and woven cane chair.
(b) A birch and pine swing seat.
(c) An ash bookcase.
(d) A split-log table and bench.

Short Answer Questions

1. In April, in the marshy area near the spring, the initial purple and green hoods of what plant would show?

2. In Chapter 5, Jim knew it would not be long after the ice broke up that what would happen?

3. What was described as a good way to store fish in the winter?

4. What is viewed "only in terms of useless effort for which there is nothing to show" by Indians?

5. Without a heavy pack, what was listed as the average speed one could hike on a good trail?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Jim and Chief Tibeash agree upon regarding food?

2. What did those in Cache Lake Country do to obtain sap in March?

3. What was it Jim observed about him and his comrades as they made their way in the March snow around Cache Lake?

4. What was noted about March regarding animals?

5. What were Jim's plans for his garden in April?

6. What took place as the weather began to get warmer in March?

7. What was the relevance of time for Jim at Cache Lake?

8. What happened after Chief Tibeash told Jim about an Indian who owned some husky pups?

9. What did the geologist who visited Jim after two years explain to him?

10. What views did Jim have regarding birds that migrated?

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